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Teen Wolf Filming Locations

     The actual locations where the TV show Teen Wolf is filmed

Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital

The exterior hospital scenes in Teen Wolf are filmed outside the
converted warehouse in the Valley that the show uses as their studio.

Most of the interiors for the show are shot on sets inside this studio, but when they need the
hospital exterior
, all they do is slap a fake sign on the front, and they're in business.

In the screenshot above, see that number 8400 in the upper left corner of the building entrance?

That's the actual street number of the Teen Wolf studio, which you'll find in an office park at

8400 Balboa Blvd, in Northridge, California.

That's in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, near the northeast corner of Balboa & Roscoe Blvds.

The 44-acre, 7-building office park is called Harman International Business Campus.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the studio:

Here is an aerial photo.  And here is a map link.

( Most of the interiors for Beacon Hills High School are also filmed inside this studio,
as was the wine cellar scenes, most house interiors, and Derek's penthouse loft.

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