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Teen Wolf Filming Locations

     The actual locations where the TV show Teen Wolf is filmed

The Gas Station

Near the start of Episode 2, of Season 4 ("117"), we see a gas station at night, in the rain.

The attendant comes out and walks back to the restroom, where he hears a strange
growling sound (never a good sign, on this show...)

Inside, Kate Argent, is having problems controlling her transformation.

The guy knocks on the door, asking what's going on.  She tells him she'll be right out.

But with all the strange noises coming from inside, he gets curious and unlocks the restroom door.

Big mistake.  Kate has now transformed into a full-blown werejaguar.

The next day, Lydia and Kira arrive at the same gas station, where they discover the
restroom splattered with blood, and the dead body of the owner, ripped to shreds.

This scene was shot at an old gas station that has long since closed down, but which
is now operating as a "community event space and pop up marketplace" -
and obviously now as a filming location.

They call it simply:

The Service Station

at 3160 Riverside DriveLos Angeles

That's in the Los Feliz district, near the southeast corner of Griffith Park.

It's on the southwest side of Riverside Drive, between Los Feliz Blvd & Hyperion Ave.,
about 500 feet southwest of the Mulholland Fountain at the entrance to Griffith Park.

 ( As of 2013, there was also a beer garden there, and they were even showing
old movies there at night, but their Facebook page hasn't been updated,
so I don't know if that experiment has survived... )

Here is a Google StreetView of the service station:

Here is a map link.

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