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Teen Wolf Filming Locations

     The actual locations where the TV show Teen Wolf is filmed

Derek's Loft

This is the tall building, topped by a gothic penthouse, where Derek lives.

We first see it in Episode 2 ("Chaos Rising") of Season 3,  It's here that Derek and his friends discover
that Erica & Boyd are being held in a bank vault (after submerging Issac in ice water bath).

You'll find this building, known as
the Park Central building, at

412 W. 6th St, in downtown Los Angeles.

It is located on the south/southwest side of 6th Street,
in downtown's Jewelry District
, across from Pershing Square.

But the side of the building that we see in the screencap above isn't the front that faces 6th Street -
rather, we're looking at the back of the building, which faces an alley called Mercury Court.

The rear of the building is split into two vertical sides, with ladder-like horizontal bars.
the penthouse loft on top is fake - added to the top of the real building via CGI.

The interior of the loft (seen below) was a set, built inside the Teen Wolf studio.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the building, as seen from Olive Street:

Here is an aerial photo.  And here is a map link.

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