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2010 - 2009

Filming locations of TV Shows,
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Courtney Cox's 2009 sitcom, "COUGAR TOWN", is set in a residential neighborhood in Florida, a cul de sac of red tile-roofed homes.

In real life, that street (in the pilot episode) was actually the 9800 block of Forbes Avenue, in North Hills - in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. (You can see one house on that street in the photo to the left.)

But then an odd thing happened.  In the second episode, they switched neighborhoods!  Despite the homes having similar red-tile roofs, they actually moved the filming 20 miles southeast. Courtney's new address became 4033 Lamarr Avenue, in Culver City.

That just happens to be right across the street from Sony Studios (formerly MGM).

[ Warning: these are private homes. Do not knock on their doors, trespass on their property, or do anything else that
might disturb the residents
. ]

Did you watch the final episode of "24"?
You'll never guess where it was filmed.
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What if the whole world blacked out for two minutes? That's the premise
of "FlashForward", a 2010 ABC drama series.

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On the 2010 ABC show, "THE DEEP END", about first-year lawyers at a law firm,
the office tower in which they worked was almost a character on the show, providing
striking background vistas of the city skyline and the mountains beyond.

  That building is the Paul Hastings tower, at 515 SFlower Street, in downtown
Los Angeles. It is one of a pair of identical 52-story towers at the Arco Plaza
(now called City National Plaza). It is the tower to the north, at 5th & Flower.

They appear to have actually filmed many of the scenes within the building itself
(at least for the pilot episode). The building is no stranger to Hollywood.
Just recently, it appeared in "Heroes" as New York's "Kirby Plaza".

(And appropriately enough Paul Hastings is a major law firm.)

Another 2009 show, "COMMUNITY" (starring Jeff Winger & Chevy Chase),
is set in a fictional community college
called "Greendale Community College.

In real life, the show is shot on the campus of Los Angeles City College,
a real community college at
855 NVermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

On the 2009 ABC show, "EASTWICK", if you're curious about just where that cute, little
New England town is (the one you see when the show opens, with that little white church),
the answer is: several different places.

The establishing shot of that aerial fly-in (that you see above) was shot in Camden, Maine.
The little white church (seen in the middle of the photo above) is actually the
Chestnut Street Baptist Church, at 29 Chestnut St, in Camden, Maine.

Other exterior location shots were filmed at different spots around New England,
and are dropped in occasionally to give the illusion that Eastwick is located there.

But most of the actual filming on the ground is done on the back lot of Warner Bros Studio,
on their "Midwest Street" outdoor set, which just happens to have a little, white church
that looks a lot like the one in Camden. This same small town set was recently used
extensively as "Star's Hollow", the setting for "The Gilmore Girls", and in a zillion
other productions before that (including "The Music Man").

You can see this set, up close, when you take the studio tour
of the Warner Bros studio, at 3400 Riverside Drive, in Burbank, CA.

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* Locations marked by an asterisk (*) may be located in areas with high crime rates.
Exercise reasonable caution.

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