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Stitchers Filming Locations

Actual filming locations for the sci-fi series, "Stitchers".

EPISODE 2: Friends in Low Places:

At 06:08, we see the exterior of the Los Angeles Police Department, before we go inside
and watch Detective Fisher talk to his boss about his suspicions regarding Kirsten.

His boss tells him to "Let it go."   He doesn't.

This actually is the headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department.
at 100 W. 1st Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

Built in 2009, you'll find it at the southwest corner of 1st & Main Street,
right across the street from (south of) City Hall.

(The camera in the shot above is looking south/southwest from 1st Street.)

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the building.


14:25 : Kirsten asks Cameron to drive her home, but then has him take her to
an industrial spot, which she tells him was the site of the rave where
the Stitchers' current subject was drugged & killed.

Later, at 20:50, we see the two of them (along with Camille & Linus) go to another
night time rave, held at the same location; they're looking for a murder suspect.

These rave scenes were shot at the former home of the American Wrecking Company, an
industrial/warehouse site now used mainly for filming, and now known as Lacy Street Studio,
and located at 2630 Lacy Street, northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Here is a Google StreetView of the building.


EPISODE 3: Connections:

08:15: In one of Kirsten's foggy memory dives, we see a large pier, in which the female
subject is abandoned by her boyfriend, who pretends to have forgotten his phone,
and walks away, leaving her alone on the Pier to be victimized.

We see it again later, when Kirsten & Cameron go there to investigate.

There, they are robbed by a gunman, next to an ornate merry-go-round:

This was filmed on the Santa Monica Pier,
at the far west end of Colorado Avenue, in Santa Monica

Over a century old, the Pier was built in 1909, and expanded to the south in 1916 with
 the addition of an amusement park and the famed
Santa Monica Carousel.

Built by Charles Looff,
the merry-go-round can be found inside its own building
on the pier (the Hippodrome),
and has been featured in a number of movies,
including the Best Picture of 1974, "The Sting".

Here is a Google StreetView of the Pier & the carousel building.


20:29: In another of Kirsten's hazy memory dives , we see the same victim with her boyfriend,
poolside at a hotel, as he presents her with a jeweled necklace:

Then we the exterior of the "Luna Del Mar Hotel".

Later, Kirsten & Cameron go shopping for jewelry in the hotel lobby,
in hope of attracting the jewel robbers who are targeting hotel guests:

These scenes were filmed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,
at 7000 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood.

This historic hotel is where the very first Oscar ceremony was held, back in 1929,
and it sits right across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
(You can read more about the hotel here.)

Here is a Google StreetView
of the hotel.


EPISODE 4: I See You:

33:23: The Stitchers team is investigating the death of a man who apparently
saw something he shouldn't, while looking out his apartment window.

They eventually realize that he was looking at this "Daisies & Dots" boutique, and
realize that some kind of criminal activity must be taking place there.

As usual, Kirsten drags Cameron there to investigate, putting them both in danger
when Kirsten confronts a driver making an illegal delivery, and he attempts to run
them over in the alleyway next to the store:

That storefront is actually home to a Goth-ish boutique named "Curio",
which can be found at 125 W. 5th Street, in downtown L.A.
That's on the ground floor of the Rosslyn Hotel.

The camera in the top photo is looking down and north.

The alley is Harlem Place Alley (which connects 5th & 4th Streets).

( Yes, downtown L.A. actually names their alleys, and it's probably the only
place in the world where the alleys' primary use is filming scenes like this. )

In that alley shot above, the camera is looking south,

Here is a Google StreetView of both the storefront and the alley.


40:41: At the end of the episode, there's a very brief shot of a rooftop sign, and of a
mysterious figure watching Cameron through binoculars, from the roof of a building.

This was shot atop the Hotel
Rosslyn, at 451 S. Main Street, in downtown L.A.

(The camera is looking east/northeast.)

This is the roof of the same building where they shot
the ground-level boutique & alley scenes (above).

The Hotel Rosslyn was built in 1914, and had fallen into disrepair, but
(like many old downtown buildings) was recently renovated and converted into lofts.

There are actually two towers making up the old Rosslyn hotel, separated by W. 5th Street.
This is the larger of the two Rosslyn buildings, on the east side of 5th Street.

(The one on the other side of the street is the place from which the victim
was watching the killers from his apartment window.)

Here is a Google StreetView of the
Hotel Rosslyn and its rooftop sign.


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