Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Filming Locations: Season Three

Agents of SHIELD. -  Filming Locations

Season Three

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Episode 1 - "Laws of Nature"

"Inhuman Rescue"
(The team rescues a man in Seattle)

"Tangier, Morocco"
(Fitz seeks a relic to save Simmons)

Episode 2 - "Purpose in the Machine"

Training Warehouse
(Ward speeds with Hydra guy on hood of car)

"Ibiza, Spain"
(Ward kidnaps Werner von Strucker from a boat)

"Sun City, Arizona"
(May taking some time off, with her father)

Episode 3 - "A Wanted (Inhu)Man"

Nazi Bunker
Lincoln Pursued
(Inhuman chased through woods by military)

Nazi Bunker
Lance & May at  Irish Bar
(Hydra front, in "Allston, Massachusetts")

Nazi Bunker
Ocean Breakwater
(Coulsen meets with Rosalind Price)

Nazi Bunker
Fancy Restaurant
(Fitz & Simmons)

Episode 4 - "Devils You Know"

Nazi Bunker
Lash's Apartment
(in "Baltimore,  Maryland")

(Inhuman chased through woods by military)

Nazi Bunker
Hydra Headquarters
(Lance & May battle Grant's men)

Nazi Bunker
Andrew Garner (May's Ex) Killed
(Blown up in "Arron's Market")

No new locations in Episode 5.

Episode 6 - "Among Us Hide..."

Nazi Bunker
Lance Shoots a guy
(on the street)

Nazi Bunker
Grand Cayman Island Bank
(robbing Von Strucker's safe deposit box)

Nazi Bunker
Rooftop Pool Fight

Episode 7 - "Chaos Theory"

Nazi Bunker
Wailea Beach, Hawaii
(Melinda May & her husband)

Nazi Bunker
Walking next to bay
(? and inhuman kid ?)

Nazi Bunker
Culver University
(May held prisoner by Lash)

Episode 8 - "Many Heads, One Take"


Episode 9 - "Closure"

Nazi Bunker
Coulson Escapes via Alley
(from attempted hit)

Nazi Bunker
Distant Star Pathfinder
(Fitz-Simmons raid Hydra building)

No new locations in season finale, Episode 10.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Filming Locations

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