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 The Southern California locations where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is filmed.

In Episode 4,  Grant Ward infiltrates the Todorov Building, a research facility in Belarus,
using Akela Amador's eye-camera to send back images to Amador's captors
to persuade them that it's really her completing her assigned mission.

While Ward is inside the building, Fitz+Simmons are in a van parked outside, as they
operate to remove Amador's right eyeball (and the fatal explosive planted behind it).

Ward completes the mission by just looking at the cryptic writing on a blackboard.

But he is then found out, and is forced to make a running escape by crashing through a window.

So, where is "The Todorov Building"?

In the episode, it's supposed to be in Zloda, Belarus.

But in real life, there is no Zloda in Belarus, and this scene was actually shot at
the South Gate Industrial Park, at 2413 Firestone Blvd, in South Gate, CA.

The city of South Gate is located about seven miles south of downtown
Los Angeles, between Watts and Huntington Park.

It should be noted that they photographed the north-facing rear of the building,
where the trucks park, not the south-facing front of the building that can
be seen from Firestone Blvd in this Google StreetView.

To get a view of the back side, you need to switch to aerial photos.
As you can see, without the front awnings, the back looks much more like a factory.

Also note that the producers took some liberties.  The smokestacks, for instance,
don't exist.  They're CGI.  Plus, of course, they added the fake signs & banners.


And those Zloda, Belarus street scenes with Ward & Coulson?

Those were a total fake, shot on the Little Europe set
on the back lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

You can drive down those same streets by taking the studio tram tour at Universal.


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