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  The Southern California locations where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is filmed.

Episode 4, of Season 2 ("Face My Enemy")

Attempting to get their hands on a mysterious painting that was discovered in a
burned-out church
(and which contains alien writing on the back), Coulson & May
go to a fundraiser party for the church, held at a lavish Miami mansion.

Thanks to Lance & Skye (who stole the guest list from a girl on the beach),
they have fake invitations to the $25,000-a-ticket affair.


Once inside the mansion, Coulson & May reminisce about the old days.

May complains about having to walk in heels and pretend to laugh.

They even do some dancing, before they spot General Talbot at the party.

Talbot (who is actually a Hydra agent disguised as Talbot) tells them he won't interfere
with their mission, but it turns out that he has already confiscated the painting.

As they leave, he meets them outside and asks Coulson to help him decipher the writing on the painting.

This could have been a very hard location for me to track down.

L.A., Beverly Hills and the surrounding area are filled with giant mansions,
and since most of the of the shots are inside, the scene doesn't
really give much indication where the place might be.

Fortunately, I tracked down this location years ago, after it appeared in an
episode of "The O.C." (where, not surprisingly, it hosted another party),
so I recognized it as soon as I spotted the large skylight in the ceiling.

You can find this 17,700-square-foot mansion perched atop of cliffs
of Point Dume, at 28824 Cliffside Drive, in Malibu.

The house has appeared in other productions as well, including
"Chuck", "Columbo" and "The Last Action Hero".

Here is an aerial photo of the mansion:

Here is a Google StreetView the mansion's front gate.


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