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Jughead's Drive-In Theatre

On the show (unlike in the comics) Jughead Jones is apparently living out of an old
drive-in theatre in Riverdale. In a later episode, he's forced to leave when (despite
his best efforts to preserve it) the old theatre is set to be torn down.

Jughead's Drive-In Theatre

In real life, this is an actual theatre: the Twilight Drive-In Theatre,
at 3350 260 Street,  in Aldergrove / Langley, B.C.

At a time when most drive-in theatres are long gone, believe it or not,
the Twilight Drive-In is still going strong. In fact, it's the only drive-in theatre
still operating in Metro Vancouver.

You'll find it about 30 miles southeast of downtown Vancouver,
and about 10 miles south of several other Langley locations
that we'll see later.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the drive-in.

Riverdale Town Hall

On the show, this is supposed to be the Riverdale Town Hall.

We first see it in the fourth episode, at 15:00.

It shows up again in the season finale, Episode 13, where Archie performs
on stage at the town's Jubilee celebration, and where Betty gives a
speech defending Jughead and rallying support for him.

But there was one small change.  The sign above the door, which (as you
can see in the screencap above) read "Riverdale Town Hall" when we first
saw it, suddenly reads "Riverdale Community Hall".  I assume that was
just a gaffe in  continuity, but I suppose it's possible they were trying to
make the name sound more like the building's actual name.

Because In real life, this is the
Fort Langley Community Hall,
at 9167 Glover Road, in Langley, BC.

It also serves as the town library, and as an event venue.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the hall.

Thorn Hill: The Blossom Family Mansion

On the show, this is the spooky home of the Blossom Twins

We first see it in Episode 5, when they hold a memorial service
there for Cheryl's murdered twin, Jason Blossom.

It's seen again in Episode 8, when Betty's pregnant sister,
Polly, goes there to stay with the Blossom family.

Thornhill: The Blossom Family Mansion

Fortunately for me (in trying to track down this location), there aren't that many
big mansions in Vancouver, especially ones available for filming.

Some people have wrongly speculated that this may be
the Cecil Green Park House, but it's not.

This (very real) mansion is the Copper Stone mansion,
at 21122  12 Ave, in Langley, B.C.

The estate contains 20 acres, with the main house boasting 17,000 square feet.
It has shown up before on the WB, in Supernatural.

[Warning: This is a private home. Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything else that might disturb the residents.]

Here is a matching Google Earth aerial view of the house.

Sisters of Quiet Mercy - Home for Troubled Youths

In Episode 6, Betty & Jughead go to what is supposed to be the "Sisters of Quiet Mercy -
Home for Troubled Youths
" to check up on Betty's sister, Polly, who has been confined there.

It turns out Polly is  pregnant by Jason Blossom, and was planning to run away with him
on July 4, the day he was murdered. She apparently doesn't know that he's dead.

In real life, this is Riverview Hospital, at 2601 Lougheed Highway, in Coquitlam, B.C.

Note that this is Riverview not Riverdale. It is right next to the Coquitlam River.
(That's pronounced Co-QUIT-lum.)

The religious statue and the sign out front were added for the production.

It seems that the hospital was once a mental asylum, which opened in 1913.
It lasted almost a century, closing in 2012.  But it is slated to reopen as a
"recovery program for those battling mental-health and substance-abuse issues."

The abandoned asylum has been using a number of other TV productions
including "The X-Files" and "Supernatural".

It's about six miles northeast of Betty's house, and about 11 miles northeast of Fort Langley.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the hospital.

Andrews Construction Company

We see this spot in Episode 8, when Archie's father suddenly find his construction business
 under siege. First, all of his workers walk out when his rival, Clifford Blossom, makes them
an offer they can't refuse. Then, when Archie and his friends step up to do the work, some
thugs attack their generator at night, and beat up Moose when he tries to stop them.

Andrew Construction Company

This place could have been difficult to find.  It's easy to see that it's sitting on the edge of a river,
and that there is a railroad trestle/bridge nearby. But otherwise, not much.

But fortunately, in the background, there is also what appears to be a diner,
with an unusual feature: a small lighthouse perched on top.

I figured that should make it fairly easy to find (even from L.A.)   And it did.

This is the aptly-named Mission Lighthouse Cafe,
at 33344 Harbour  Ave, in Mission, B.C.

(They even have their own website, at www.lighthousecafe.ca)

But the mobile home office of Mr Andrews is sitting across the street
(Harbor Ave), at the northwest corner of Harbour Ave & Abbot Street.

In real life, that parcel is home to an actual construction company:
Vantage Contracting, at 7028 Abbot Street, Mission, B.C.

And based on the StreetView, the bulldozers we see in that
opening shot probably belong to Vantage Contracting.

The river we see in that establishing view is the Fraser River.

In relation to the other Riverdale locations, this site is
less than a mile southeast of 'Pop Tate's Chok'lit Shoppe',
and just a few blocks south of the Riverdale Sheriff Station.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the riverside location.

And here is a StreetView of the construction company site.

"The Whyte Wyrm"

In Episode 8, we see a rough biker bar where Archie and his friends go,
to try to find out if the Serpents biker gang had anything to do with the
attack on his father's construction site.

There is a painting of a dangerous snake above the door, along
with the name of the bar: The Whyte Wyrm.

Inside, we see a white boa constrictor in a glass case, and a lot of bikers.

While there, Archie discovers that Jughead's ne'er-do-well father is a Serpent.

The WhyteWyrm - biker bar

This location was easy to find, because the business right next door had
a big, legible sign that read: "McCleary's Fine Furniture & Mattresses".
So, all I had to do was "go there" (via Google StreetView) and then
look to see what was right next door, across the parking lot.

Turns out, that rather than a dangerous biker bar,
this is actually a fairly tame dance club called
Gabby's Country Cabaret, at
20297 Fraser Highway, in Langley, B.C.

Yelp reviews disagree about whether the "Country" name fits.
Older reviews indicate that it was country, but more recent reviews seem to
indicate that it's now mostly Top 40 stuff, with a mix of DJ's and live bands.

One reviewer complains that it is "too crowded with 19-year-olds", while another
 comments that it's only crowded "because it's the only place to go in Langley".

Several mention the club's very clean restrooms (which is something you
usually don't hear about rough biker bars like the Whyte Wyrm).

But I'll give the club the last word: their website is at gabbyscabaret.com

In reference to other Riverdale locations, it's about five miles north of the
Blossom mansion,  and about the same distance southwest of Jughead's drive-in

Here is a matching Google Streetview of the club:

"The Riverdale Bus Station"

In Episode 12,  we see Jughead inside the "Riverdale Bus Station",
buying a ticket to leave town, after he learns that his father has
been arrested for murder.

Riverdale Bus Station

Shortly thereafter, we see the exterior of the bus station, as Archie and
Betty arrive to stop Jughead, and tell him his father was framed.

Andrew Construction Company

The station's exterior is seen again when Kevin says goodbye to
Joaquin, as the latter gets on a bus out of town.

Andrew Construction Company

In real life, this is the Port Moody Station Museum,
a historic train station (not a bus station), located at
at 2734 Murray Street, in Port Moody, BC.

Built in 1908, it operated as the local train station
until it was closed in 1976.

Not long after, the Port Moody Heritage Society bought it,
and in 1983, opened it as The Port Moody Station Museum.

(You can read more about it on their website.)

Here is a matching Google Streetview of the station:


"Mustang's Motel"

In Episode 8, Jughead, Archie & Veronica force Joaquin to take them
to this green motel, to see a dangerous Serpent named "Mustang".

Mustang's Motel

But when they go upstairs, to room 226, they find Mustang dead in the bathtub,
of an apparent drug overdose, with evidence pointing to Jughead's father.

Mustang's Motel

In real life, this is the City Centre Motor Hotel,
at 2111 Main Street, in Vancouver, BC.
(between 5th & 6th Avenue)

The room they visit is in the northern wing, on the second level.

Here is a matching Google Streetview of the motel:

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