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Ray Donovan - Filming Locations

The actual locations where the Showtime series Ray Donovan is filmed.

The show takes place in Los Angeles, where Ray Donovan (from South Boston) works as
a fixer for a law firm representing the rich & famous in Hollywood.

So it's not surprising that the show is filmed almost exclusively in the Greater L.A. region.

Take, for example, Ray's home, where he lives (not so happily) with his wife & kids:

Ray's house is located on a private road at 2003 Delphine Lane, in the hills of Calabasas, CA.

Calabasas is located at the far west end of the San Fernando Valley, about four miles north of Malibu,
between Woodland Hills (on the east) and Agoura Hills (on the west), in the Santa Monica Mountains.


On the show, right across from Ray's home is a neighbor's house that is always blaring loud music.

In the third episode, Ray kicks down the door and rips out the speaker wires.  He discovers that
the house belongs to a successful rapper ('Re-Kon') and his wannabe son, 'Marvin Gaye Washington'.

And in fact, that house is just 200 yards north of Ray's home, at 2063 Delphine Lane, in Calabasas.


Another regular location on the show is "Donovan's Fite Club"
the boxing gym where Ray's hapless brothers (and Mickey) hang out.

In real life, the building above is actually an apartment house at 106 N. Dillon Street, in Los Angeles.

(Here's a matching Google StreetView.)


But the interior gym scenes below (and a few of the exteriors) were filmed at an actual gym

called Broadway Boxing Gym, at 10730 S. Broadway, in Watts.

(Here's a Google StreetView of the gym)


In the very first episode, the camera zooms over the Hollywood Hills, and to a penthouse atop
'The Caveat' tower, where NBA superstar 'Deonte Brown' wakes up in bed with a dead woman.

He calls Ray Donovan to get him out of the situation.

That building is actually a Hyatt hotel known as the Andaz West Hollywood, at
8401 Sunset Blvd, on the Sunset Strip, across from the House of Blues, in West Hollywood.

(Here is a Google Streetview of the hotel.)


Also in that first episode, Ray goes to a movie studio to meet with a client,
a rather obnoxious star who wants him to spy on his girlfriend.

Although at first glance this looks like the Melrose double gate to Paramount Studios, it isn't.

There's a little Hollywood hocus pocus going on here.

This is actually the gate to the Sony Pictures / MGM Studio, and it's not even the main gate.
It's the gate on the east side of the studio, at approximately 10360 Culver Blvd, in Culver City, CA.

However, they appear to have added the double arch to the top of the less-fancy Sony gate.

(Here is a Google StreetView of the gate.


In Episode 3, Ray's brother, Terry (a former boxer who has developed Parkinson's disease) finally gets
up the nerve to ask his therapy nurse out on a date, at a diner.

This is scene was shot inside Pepy's Galley, a diner located inside a bowling alley (Mar Vista Lanes)
at 12125 Venice Blvd, in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles (just west of Culver City).

(Here is a Google StreetView of the diner.)


In Episode 3, Ray's right-hand man, Avi, goes to Boston and visits St. Josephine's Church,
where he finds a witness to Mickey's murder of a priest that Mickey thought had molested Bunchy

Don't let the "snow" fool you.  This was shot in L.A.  It's actually the First Congregational Church,
at 540 S Commonwealth Ave, in Los Angeles (just a few blocks NW of MacArthur Park).

(In the screencap above, you're looking at the west entrance, which faces a broad patio/plaza area.
The lamp post you see isn't a prop - it's real.  But the snow is fake.)

(Here is a Google StreetView of the church.)



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