A look at some of the actual L.A. locations where
David Lynch's 2001 film, "Mulholland Drive" was shot.

[ WarningSome of these locations are private residences. Do not trespass on their
property, knock on their doors, or otherwise disturb the residents' privacy.

When 'Betty' first arrives in Hollywood, she goes to live near her Aunt Ruth,
at this old-style Hollywood apartment building, This is actually located at
490 N. Sycamore Ave., in Hollywood, south of Melrose and north of
Beverly Blvd., one street east of La Brea.

"Winkie's on Sunset Blvd", the diner where much of the film's action takes place,
is neither "Winkie's" nor on Sunset in real life. It was actually shot at an old
Denny's restaurant, which is now called "Caesar's". It's located a long ways
from Sunset, about 20 miles south in the city of Gardena, CA. The address is
1016 W. El Segundo Blvd., in Gardena  *

The girls take a taxi to what is supposed to be the "Sierra Bonita" apartments,
where they find the rotting corpse of 'Diane Selwyn' in apartment 17. That's
not the real name of this place (there is a real Sierra Bonita apartment
elsewhere in L.A., but this wasn't it). The scenes were actually shot at
2900 & 2904 Griffith Park Blvd., in the Silver Lake district of L.A.,
about half a mile south of Los Feliz Blvd.

This sign is familiar to anyone who knows Hollywood. It's Pink's Hot Dogs,
a legend in itself. (I have a whole page about Pink's.) It was seen in the scene
where the hitman tries to get information from a hooker. This modest hot dog
stand is located at 709 N. La Brea Ave., near the corner of Melrose.

Pink's is located just about a mile and a half west of our next stop...

Even more famous than Pink's is this gate. It's known as the Bronson Gate,
and it was the main entrance for Paramount Studios. Legend has it that
Charles Bronson named himself after this gate. You've seen it before in
movies like "Sunset Blvd". You'll find it on the south side of Paramount Studios
(5555 Melrose Avenue), just north of where Bronson meets Melrose.

* addresses with an asterisk indicate that they may be located
in a high-crime area. Exercise reasonable caution.

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