Part 2

The actual Southern California locations where
the 2003 Nicolas Cage movie "
Matchstick Men" was filmed.

( Modern day photos courtesy of Chas Demster. )

    After finishing the meal at the diner, Roy drives Angela back to his ex-wife's apartment. But Angela says that she sees her mother's car outside the apartment and ducks down, telling him to drop her off early.

    She then writes her phone number on his palm and walks away.

    The ex-wife's apartment building can be found, in real life, at 11223 Huston Street, in North Hollywood.
    (That's on the north side of Huston, between Bellflower & Klump.)


(below is a shot of the apartment house in 2009)

Warning: These are private apartments.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything else that might disturb the residents.

    Later, Roy and Frank drive past a car wash and scope out their next victim, 'Chuck Frechette', an import-export guy. As they watch him wait for his car to be washed, they decide to pull the "Jamaican Switch" on him.

    That car wash (only briefly glimpsed in the film) is actually the Toluca Lake Car Wash, at 10515 Magnolia Blvd, in North Hollywood.  That's on the north side of Magnolia Blvd, about a block east of Cahuenga Blvd.

    (That's less than a mile west of the location of the shrink's office.)


(below is a shot of the office in real life - 2009)

    When Roy goes to the bank to look at the contents of his safety deposit box, he enters via the south/southwest side of the old AT&T building, at 611 W. 6th Street (at the north/northwest corner of 6th & Grand).

    When it was built in 1967, that 42-floor office building was the first building in Los Angeles to be taller than City Hall.  It is now only the 12th tallest building in L.A. It is being re-named (and is tentatively called "611 Place") and re-purposed (the upper floors will become condos, while the lower floors will be office-condos).

    The Carl's Jr. which we glimpse across the street (as he walks towards the bank), is at 609 S. Grand Ave (the west/southwest corner of 6th & Grand).


    Roy & Frank begin their sting at a strip club, their mark's favorite hangout.

    That strip club is the Spearmint Rhino, located at 2020 EOlympic Blvd, next to the Santa Monica (10) Freeway in downtown Los Angeles.


    There are several scenes with Roy shopping in a supermarket, centering on his possible attraction to the cashier ('Kathy') behind the checkout counter.

    The sign outside says "Cambridge Farms", which was the name of the market at the time the movie was filmed there. But it changed management and first became "West Hills Market", and is now called "Fields Market".

    The store is located at 23221 Saticoy Street, in Canoga Park, CA, on the far west side of the Valley.

    Below are more recent shots of the store's interior & exterior


As you can see, the market's exterior has changed quite a bit (with the addition of black awnings).

    Roy & Frank meet with their mark on the patio of a cafe next to a marina, as Roy explains how the deal is supposed to go down, and they exchange currency.

    This restaurant scene was shot at what is now The Organic Panificio Cafe & Restaurant, at 4211 Admiralty Way, in Marina Del Rey.

    At the time, the restaurant was known as Edie's Diner. It has been featured in other productions as well, including "Dexter" and 2002's "Enough".

    Update: in 2012, the location became the home of a new restaurant called Killer Shrimp, a popular spot in the Marina which, as of 2020, is still around.


(below is a shot of the restaurant in real life - 2009)

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