The actual Southern California locations where
the 2010 movie
"Knight And Day" was filmed.

At first glance, it doesn't appear that any part of "Knight And Day" was filmed in Southern California.
The film is shot all over the world (including Austria & Spain), but L.A. is nowhere to be seen.

Or so it seems...

But take a closer look at that final confrontation scene with the bad guy...

In the scene, we see Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz riding a motorcycle over a bridge.
They have just left a bull ring in Pamplona, so we're supposed to assume that they are still in Spain.

Ignore the buildings seen behind the bridge. They're fake - added using CGI.

But do pay attention to the light poles to the left, in the screencap below. They're real.

Where are we, really?   Well, here's a photo of the same bridge, that I shot in 2011.

That bridge is none other than the Queensway Bridge, in Long Beach, CA.

It's called the Queensway Bridge because it leads from mainland Long Beach, across the Los Angeles River,
out to a pier where the historic ocean liner, the Queen Mary, is permanently docked as a tourist attraction.

Tom is driving east/northeast across the bridge, heading towards downtown Long Beach.

Here's a screenshot from the film of the bad guy driving his car towards that same bridge:

And here's a matching photo I shot:

That street the car is driving on? It's not even a real street.

It's actually just a Long Beach bike path running along the bank of the Los Angeles River.
(The camera is looking northwest in this shot.)

Speaking of the Queen Mary, take a look just to the right of Tom Cruise's head, in the screencap below:

Yes, that's the Queen Mary, across the channel.
(The camera is looking southeast.)

Here's a clearer photo I shot, looking in the same direction:

Tom then jumps down from the bridge onto the land below, and swings down onto a small dock.

Here's a matching shot I took of that same round building:
(The camera is looking southwest.)

(They appear to have painted it yellow for the movie.)

As you can see, it's also right on the bike path, just a few yards away from the Queensway bridge.

I'm not sure exactly what the function is of this small, round building. The sign reads:
"City of Long Beach Maintenance and Development - Parks, Recreation and Marine".

It's located at the Golden Shore marina, where the terminal for the Catalina Island cruise boats.
In fact, the rest of the scene all takes place at the south end of the Golden Shore marina.

The Golden Shore marina is located just west of the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Shoreline Village area,
but is separated from those popular attractions by the northeast end of the Queensway bridge.

The address on the door of that round structure reads 322 Golden Shore Street.  But that is a bit deceptive,
because that same 322 address is used for many of the businesses at this Golden Shore marina.

As you can see from my photo below, there is a somewhat similar round structure across the water, on the
other side of the opening where boats pass from the Golden Shore/Catalina marina to the L.A. River channel.
The two structures stand like sentinels on each side of that breakwater opening.

(The camera is looking west.)

Tom then confronts the bad guy down on the small dock.

Behind Tom, in the screencap below, you can see a tall red, white & blue building, across the water.

That, as you can see in my photo below, is the new Residence Inn by Marriott,
located on the other (southwest) side of the river, at 600 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, CA.

(The camera is looking southwest.)

And what about that dock itself, where the bad guy holds the savant hostage?

It's located right below that bike path, just east of that round building,
at the south end of the Golden Shore marina.
(The camera in the screenshot above is looking northeast.)

Here's a photo I shot of the same dock (looking west/southwest):

And here's a second, closer photo of that dock, looking north:
(They were repairing the dock when I got there, hence the yellow tape and the torn-up flooring.)

Finally, shortly after the bad guy's plane takes off, it explodes.

The object you see below the explosion is that other round structure we mentioned earlier,
on the other side of the Golden Shore marina's breakwater. (The explosion itself is CGI.)

Here's my photo of the same general view:
(the camera is looking west.)

(It looks like they edited out the light poles, while they were inserting the explosion.)

Click on the links below to see an aerial map showing all of these locations.


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