In Time: Filming Locations - part 2



In Time - Filming Locations
Part 2

Actual filming locations for the 2011 sci-fi film, "In Time".

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0:17:21: Now rich beyond his wildest dreams, Will goes to his best friend Borel's
apartment building
, and gives him a free decade worth of time, before saying goodbye.

Will tells him he is looking forward to finally being able to take his poor
mother to New Greenwich (the rich side of the city).

This was shot far from the previous locations, at 4513 E. 52nd Place, in Maywood, CA.

That is about five miles southeast of downtown L.A.


It turns out that giving his friend all that time wasn't a good idea.  Borel has a
drinking problem, and when Will later returns to this apartment building (at 51:45),
Borel's wife tells Will that Borel drank himself to death.

0:18:55: That is foreshadowed in this earlier scene in which Borel (after getting the time
from Will) looks across the street at a large bar, and tells his wife he's going out.

That large building is located at 654 Myers Street (at Jesse St.), just across the
street from (east of) the big building seen earlier when Will was running to work.

It's a warehouse space now known as "The Factory", which,
among other things, host art shows.


0:19:02: Meanwhile, Will's mother is seen making a loan payment at the
equivalent of a loan company. It costs her two days, and leaves her
enough time to pay her bus fare home. That proves to be a fatal mistake.

That "Weis Time Lenders" building is located at 1732 E. 14th Street (west of
Alameda St.), in downtown L.A.  It's empty now, but once housed a garment business. 

In the screencap above, she is walking north, away from the building, towards McGarry Street.


0:20:02: When she gets to the bus, she is shocked to find that they have doubled the fare,
from one hour to two hours.  And she only has an hour and a half left.

She begs the bus driver to let her on, telling him that her son will pay the fare when
she get there, but he refuses.  In a panic, she begins running after the bus.

This scene was shot on the 900 block of McGarry Street, just north of the loan building.

The bus was originally stopped on the east side of McGarry, just north of 14th Street,
and as it pulls away it heads north up McGarry Street.


Click on any of the photos on these pages to see
matching Google StreetView panoramas

0:21:23: In a heartbreaking scene, Will's desperate mother comes running to him,
with only seconds left to live, unless he reaches her before it's too late.

They race to each other, calling out -- but just as they touch,
she runs out of time and falls dead into his arms.

This scene was shot on the 1300 & 1400 blocks of Artemus street,
east of Mission Road, in downtown L.A.

He is running west on Artemus, she is running east.

In the screencap above, both run towards Anderson Street.


She dies at the intersection of Artemus & Anderson Streets.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking southeast.

(That's about two miles northeast of her starting point on McGarry Street.)


0:22:40: Meanwhile, the cops have discovered the body of the rich suicide,
under the bridge.  Because all of his time is gone, they assume it was a mugging.

However, the producers cheated a little here...

Although they originally filmed the man falling from the 7th Street bridge in the previous scene,
in the screencap above, we are actually looking south at the 4th Street bridge.

They are standing below the 4th Street bridge, on the L.A. Riverbed,
on the east side of downtown L.A.

The double arches of the 6th Street bridge can be seen in the background,
with the 7th Street bridge barely visible, in the distance beyond it.


0:23:33: With his mother dead, but still a very rich man (in time), a grieving
and angry Will goes through with his plan to move to New Greenwich.

In this scene, we see a limo pull up in Dayton and Will gets in.

We are back at "Pedre Plaza", which means that in the real world, we are back at
the intersection of
Jesse Street & Anderson Street.

The camera is looking southeast. The limo is parked at the northwest corner.
The green "Mission" building on the left is
654 S. Anderson Street,
while the liquor store on the right is another warehouse, at
658 S. Anderson Street.

When the limo drives away, it heads east on Anderson Street.


It turns out to be a long and very expensive trip.

The rich are intent on keeping out everyone else, so the limo must pass
through multiple Time Zone Borders, each more expensive than the next.

0:24:10: The first one, Border 12, costs one month to cross.

In the real world, this is the 6th Street Bridge, looking east from the
bridge's middle-point over the L.A. River. The limo is headed west.
(The concrete guard building and the barriers are fake.)


0:24:40: Time Zone 8's border costs two months to cross.

In the real world, this is the 4th Street Bridge, looking west , while the limo is
headed east. The bridge has two pair of these ornate towers, and this is
the pair on the west. The third (center) tower is fake. So are the barriers

Also fake is the grass & water seen below the bridge. The actual
view below this side of the bridge is mostly of railroad tracks.


0:24:57: The border for Time Zone 4, costs a year to cross.

This last one isn't a bridge.  Quite the opposite, it's a tunnel-like street that runs
Grand Avenue, in downtown L.A., between 4th & 2nd Streets.

Grand Ave essentially becomes a double-decker street, and this lower level
passes below California Plaza and offers access to parking.

(The large columns on the sides are real, but the two central columns are fake.)

I believe this was shot between (and below) the Museum of Contemporary Art (250 S. Grand)
and the Grand Promenade (255 S. Grand), with the camera looking south.


0:25:33: When they finally emerge into the glittering, rich world of New Greenwich,
it's a very familiar place, at least to those of us who live in L.A.

In the screencap above, we are looking south down Avenue of the Stars, in Century City.

The building on the left is the Creative Artists Agency, at 2000 Avenue of the Stars.
To the far right is 1901 Avenue of the Stars.

Century City is indeed one of the centers of wealth in Los Angeles, filled with
prestigious office towers, luxury hotels, high-rise condos, and the
20th Century Fox Studio (which, by the way, made this movie).


0:25:43: The limo pulls into an expensive hotel, where Will rents a suite.

It's here that he is first spotted by 'Sylvia' (Amanda Seyfried).

This isn't a hotel - although there is more than one right across the street.

Actually, it's the
parking area right behind (east of) the twin Century Plaza Towers,
at 2049 Century Park East, in Century City.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking south. The building in the distance
(seen between the towers), is Fox Plaza (which was blown up in the original "Die Hard").


The interior/lobby of the "hotel" where Will checks in...

is actually the glass lobby on the ground floor of the north twin tower.


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