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In Time - Filming Locations
Part 1

Actual filming locations for the 2011 sci-fi film, "In Time".

"In Time" is set in an alternate world where time is literally money.

People are paid in minutes and hours, and spend it by transferring
those minutes to others (via an ATM-like device implanted in their arms).
Those meters act like a clock, counting down the disappearing minutes...

Citizens stop aging at 25. In theory, they can live forever, eternally young - but only as long as they can earn more time to keep their time-meters running.  When time runs out, when their meter hits zero (the equivalent of becoming bankrupt today), they die.

The poor lead a desperate life, paycheck to paycheck, barely able to stay alive, while the rich live in isolated luxury, with huge surpluses of time.

[ Warning: Many of the locations in this movie are in neighborhoods
that are potentially unsafe to visit.  I don't recommend going there,
but if you do, exercise reasonable caution. ]

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0:03:48: We get our first glimpse of the city of Dayton, when 'Will Salas' (Justin Timberlake)
leaves his mother's place (the fictional Florence Hotel) and heads to work
- walking through the garish ghetto.

The first shot is looking down on the street at Will exiting the hotel.

This opening "Dayton" sequence was shot on the 600 block of Anderson Street,
on the east side of downtown Los Angeles, just east of the L.A. River.

That general area is an aging, industrial section of town, not that far from Skid Row,
filled with mostly empty buildings & warehouses.

The producers basically took over a large part of this area (as well as other
streets across the river), and created the neighborhood of Dayton.

Many of the buildings in "Dayton" were repainted in bright neon colors
for the movie, and quite a few fake signs were added, as well.

The fictional "Florence Hotel", seen in the screencap above, is at 611 Anderson Street.


0:03:58: He soon meets a young girl, who begs him for a handout.  (He gives her 5 minutes.)

The little girl ('Maya') hits him up just outside the same brick building (at 611),
just a few steps south of the door where Will exited.


0:04:18: When he heads off down the street, towards a bridge...

The camera is looking south up Anderson Street (from near 615 Anderson)
towards the 6th Street / Whittier Blvd Bridge
(seen at the end of the street).

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matching Google StreetView panoramas


0:04:19: Will checks the time as he crosses an intersection, with a green building behind him.

The green building's main sign reads "Mission", and its smaller sign reads "Out of Time".

In the movie, this part of "Dayton" is called is "Pedre Plaza".

In reality, this is the intersection of Jesse Street & Anderson Street.

The green building is at the northeast corner, at 654 S. Anderson Street.
(Like most of the surrounding buildings, it was repainted for the film.)

Will is walking southwest.


0:04:22: Realizing that he's late, he speeds up, running the rest of the way to work.

As he does, he passes a building with a sign reading "99-Seconds Only Store".

That building is at 2155 E. 7th Street, at the SW corner of Jesse St & S. Myers St.

The camera is looking west / SW, and he is running west, past the building's north side.
(In real life, it houses Downtown Rehearsal, a rental space for bands.)


0:04:25: Will arrives at his workplace, a factory, where his friend,
Borel (Johnny Galecki), also works. (It's a dreary assembly line that
produces the portable time-scanners that we just saw Maya use.)

In the real world, this is located a long way from downtown L.A.
It's the Pasadena Power Plant,
at 82 E. Glenarm Street, in Pasadena, CA.

It's located at the very end of the Pasadena (110) freeway, next to the railroad tracks.

(In the screencap above, the camera is looking east, from the southeast
corner of the plant, at W. State Street & Railroad Street.)


0:05:50: After work, Will goes to a dive bar, where he meets up with a drunken Borel,
who points out a rich man who is buying drinks and has a century of time on his arm.
He is clearly out of place in this part of the world, and obviously at risk.

Will warns the man that he will be robbed & killed, but the guy seems unconcerned.

In real life, this was an actual bar, once called the Santa Fe Grill,  at 2059 E. 7th Street,
located on
the NW corner of 7th Street & Santa Fe, in downtown L.A.

It's closed now, and seems to have become a full-time film location. They used it as
a dive bar in the movie "Horrible Bosses", "House of Lies", and may other productions.

The rich guy is confronted by gangsters ("Minutemen"), but Will helps him escape,
and they flee out the back door of the bar.


0:09:32: We see them running away, with two bridges in the background.

This was shot looking north up Mesquit Street, just north of 7th Street, in downtown.

The first bridge is the 6th Street BridgeThe second bridge is the 4th Street bridge.

(It was shot with a long lens, so foreshortening causes the two bridges to appear
closer together than they actually are.)

They are running south down Mesquit, on the west side of the L.A. River.


0:09:50: They eventually escape when Will breaks into a warehouse, where they hide.

The address of that long warehouse is 1396 E. 7th Street. It's  located
between Terminal Street & Market Court (on the east & west), and
between 7th & 8th (on the north & south) -- part of the old Produce Mart.

(The same warehouse was also used for a rooftop chase scene in "Fast & Furious".)


0:16:12: Will wakes up in the morning to find that the despondent rich man has transferred
all of his time (money) to him -- the equivalent of millions of dollars.

Looking out the window, he sees the man sitting on a bridge,
waiting for his time to run out.  Will tries to stop him,
the man's
time-meter runs down to zero, and his dead body topples off the bridge.

In the screencap above, he is sitting on the 7th Street Bridge
(spanning the L.A. River), and is facing north.


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