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Homecoming Filming Locations

Filming Locations for


The actual Southern California locations where Amazon's 2018
suspense / sci-fi series, "Homecoming" (with Julia Roberts) was filmed.

"Homecoming" is the story of a secret project which, on the surface, seems aimed at helping returning soldiers to adapt back to civilian life.  However, it soon becomes clear that there is something sinister going on at the Homecoming facility...

But let's see where the series was shot in our real world…

( Just click on the photos below to discover the actual location of every scene: )

Where is the "The Homecoming Transitional Support Center"
( supposedly in Tampa, Florida ),  in real life ?

Where is the floating diner, "Fat Morgan's", where Heidi ( Julia Roberts )
works as a waitress after leaving Homecoming ?

Where is the "Geist" corporate headquarters, where DOD investigator Tom Carrasco ( Shea Whigham ) interviews Colin Belfast ( Bobby Cannavale ) ?

Where was Heidi's Florida condo, that she
 shared with Anthony ( Dermot Mulroney ) ?

Where was Heidi's mother's ( Sissy Spacek's ) house ?

Where is the Chinese restaurant, next to the laundromat,
where Heidi went on a first "date" with Colin ?

Where is the school campus where DOD investigator Thomas meets with Walter's mother, Gloria ( Marianne Jean-Baptiste ), and where he tries to talk with damaged veteran Joseph Shrier ( Jeremy Allen White ) while he's raking leaves?

Where is the exotic golf course where we see Colin playing
 while he's talking on the phone with Heidi ?

Where was Colin's house, where he attended the children's birthday party ?

Where is the mall department store cosmetic counter where Heidi shopped ?

Where is the club/bar , "Shanzhai", where Heidi met Anthony again ?

Where is the "Florida" road where Heidi Is seen driving home to her condo ?

Where is the mysterious retirement community that Walter & Shrier stumble across when they escape from the Homecoming facility ?

Where will you find the small California town, that poses here as "Fish Camp",
where Heidi  tracks down Walter ( Stephan James ) at the end ?

Where is the rustic diner where Heidi & Walter finally meet again ?

These pages will answer all of those questions, and more…

The photos on this page are screencaps from "Homecoming"
(which you can watch by clicking here) and are copyright Amazon.

The rest of the page is Copyright © 2020-Gary Wayne / Seeing-Stars.com

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