Hemlock Grove - Filming Locations

The actual locations where the 2013 series Hemlock Grove was filmed.

Main Street

This establishing shot of the Main Street of Hemlock Grove was filmed
in the small town of Port Perry (near Toronto), in Ontario, Canada.

The camera is looking west/southwest down the 200 block of Queen Street,
from the intersection of Queen & Perry Streets.

That Cafe you see on the corner is the Piano Cafe, at 217 Queen Street.

Below is a matching Google Streetview panorama:

You will notice two differences in the StreetView.  First, that tall tower at the end of
the street isn't there in real life.  The Godfrey Institute tower was inserted via CGI.

Second, there is a Canadian flag flying - on the show, they replace it with
a U.S. flag, since the show is supposed to take place in Pennsylvania.

Candy Store

As the first episode begins, we see young Roman Godfrey sitting in a candy store,
eating an ice cream cone.  A girl appears outside the door, and he follows her
outside, and around the corner to a parked sports car, where they have sex.

That scene was filmed inside an actual candy shop called The Nutty Chocolatier,
which is located at 182 Queen Street, in Port Perry.

When they leave the store (below), the camera is looking east along the south side
of Queen Street (between Water Street & Perry Street), while they walk west.

They turn the corner & head south - between the east end of that row of shops & a Post Office.

(The sign on the corner brick wall is for Dana's Goldsmithing, at 186 Queen Street.)

Outside Candy Shop

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the candy shop and the corner:

But once they reach the parking lot and the sports car, we're in for a little Hollywood magic,
as that particular scene was actually filmed some 15 miles away.

More about that later...

Luke's Country Store

Another familiar storefront is on the same Port Perry street: the General Store (Luke's)
where we saw Shelley buy a pair of earrings from Jenny, over the counter.

Luke's General Store - interior

This is an actual store, and it's real name is indeed Luke's Country Store.
It's located at 207 Queen Street, in Port Perry, on the same side of
the street as the candy store, but across (east of) Perry Street.

Here is a matching Google StreetView panorama of the store:


High School

The school that the kids attend (Hemlock Grove High School) is actually the
Ursula Franklin Academy, located at 146 Glendonwynne Road, (just
northwest of High Park), in Toronto.

(In real life, that would be a long walk.  It's about 50 miles SW of Port Perry's main street.)

The screenshot above is looking northwest at the school's east entrance on Glendonwynne.
But they have also often shown the school's south side, which looks different.

Here is a matching Google StreetView panorama of the school:

So, what about that tower at the end of Main Street?

On the show, that's the Godfrey Institute (where Dr. Pryce
is busy conducting some rather sinister human experiments).

Godfrey Institute Tower

In reality, only the bottom part (seen below) is real - the part with the Greek columns.
Everything above that is fake - the upper floors, the glass, the signs - all just CGI additions.

What is it really?  It's Liuna Station, a former 1930 train station, which is now a banquet
hall for special events.  You'll find it at 360 James Street N, in Hamilton, Ontario.

It's actually about 43 miles northeast of those shops in Port Perry.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the station:

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