Part 4

    The Actual Southern California Locations where
    1995's "Heat" was filmed.

    [ Click here for an interactive MAP of all "Heat" locations with aerial photos! ]

    * Warning: due to the gritty nature of "Heat", some of its filming locations are found in urban areas
    that may have a high crime rate, and could be dangerous to visit. Exercise reasonable caution.

    Before each scene description, you will see a number (for example: 00:07:05);
    this is the time of the movie (on the DVD) when the scene appears.

    1:28:52 min: Cop Al Pacino and crook Robert De Niro meet face to face for the first
    time in a
    restaurant, where they discuss their lives and warn each other that neither
    will hesitate to kill the other if it comes to a showdown.

    This meeting was filmed at an actual restaurant, the popular Kate Mantilini,
    located at
    9101 Wilshire Blvd. (at Doheny), in Beverly Hills.

    (Amazingly, this was the first time that Pacino & De Niro appeared together in a
    movie, even though both had been making gangster movies for over 25 years.
    They had a near miss in 1974, when both of them appeared in "The Godfather 2",
    but since that film was divided into two different eras, the 1910s and the 1950s,
    they were never seen together on the screen.)

    1:38:10: We are back at Bob's Big Boy, only this time we are inside the diner where
    parolee Dennis Haysbert is slaving behind the hot grill. De Niro and Val Kilmer are
    having a meal, waiting for a call from the driver on their upcoming bank heist.
    When the driver is forced to back out of the heist, De Niro recruits hapless
    Dennis to be his driver for the bank robbery (which Dennis doesn't survive).

    As we mentioned earlier, this is a real Bob's Big Boy restaurant, and is
    located at
    4211 W Riverside Drive, in Burbank.

Van Zant and his men, tipped by Waingro, invade Trejo's house (an unusual house
on stilts), hanging off the side of a hilltop. They torture
Trejo's wife until he finally
tells them about De Niro's upcoming bank robbery. One of Van Zant's men,
a police informant, tips off the police about the robbery. Later, De Niro
finds Trejo dying in the house, and puts him out of his misery.

This unique house-on-stilts can be found at 1219 Dodds Circle,
in in the
Boyle Heights/City Terrace area of East L.A. *

Here is a Google StreetView of the house.

01:38:10: The big bank robbery begins. The robbery scenes were shot inside a real bank,
Far East Bank, at 350 S. Grand Ave. (at the corner of 5th Street & Grand),
downtown Los Angeles.

01:45:47: However, once De Niro's crew head out of the bank, we don't see the real
front of the Far East bank. Instead, they filmed the exit outside the
444 Building, at
444 S. Flower St. (at 5th & Flower) in downtown, which is to the west of Grand Ave.

01:46:14: Note the large geometrical shapes they walk past (in the photo below);
this is a work of art is titled “North, East, South, West”, and it is located just outside
the doors of the 48-story office building at
444 S. Flower . The same shapes were
also seen in "Fight Club". (The fact that you can read "444" above the door,
when Tom Sizemore walks out, is another good hint....)

01:47:00: When Al Pacino gets word that the bank robbery is underway, he heads there
and catches up with the robbers as they are about to make their getaway.
A savage shoot-out ensues in the
streets of downtown L.A.
Most of the filming took place on 5th Street, Flower Street and Figueroa Street.

In the photo below, we are looking back east/northeast as one of the getaway cars heads
west on W. 5th Street, as it passes S. Flower Street and heads under a pedestrian
that spans 5th St. between the Bonaventure Hotel & the Paul Hastings tower
The cluster of
palm trees you see behind the car is on the
northeast corner of 5th Street & flower..

In the photo below, we (and Val Kilmer) are looking west down 5th Street.
The police have positioned their cars across 5th street to block the
to the Harbor (110) Freeway
., which lies just beyond that next pedestrian bridge.
Kilmer opens up on them, blasting the cop cars with a hail of automatic weapons fire.

01:50:55: In the photo below, we are looking northwest across Figueroa Street, as
De Niro runs to rescue the wounded Val Kilmer. The
escalators visible in the background
are part of the
Union Bank Plaza, at the northwest corner of Figueroa and 5th Street.

* Locations marked with an asterisk may be located in high-crime areas. Exercise reasonable caution.

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