Part 3

    The Actual Southern California Locations where
    1995's "Heat" was filmed.

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    * Warning: due to the gritty nature of "Heat", some of its filming locations are found in urban areas
    that may have a high crime rate, and could be dangerous to visit. Exercise reasonable caution.

    Before each scene description, you will see a number (for example: 00:07:05);
    this is the time of the movie (on the DVD) when the scene appears.

    0:51:00 min: Robert De Niro and his crew go to an abandoned drive-in movie theatre
    to sell back the bonds they have stolen. However, the guy making the drop has other
    ideas, and a deadly gunfight breaks out in the drive-in parking lot.

    Those scenes were filmed on site at the old Centinela Drive-In, which, in 1995, was
    located at 5700 Centinela Ave., in the Westchester section of Los Angeles (which
    is about two miles northwest of LAX., and near Hillside Memorial Park.)

    The Centinela Drive-In closed in 1995, two years before "Heat" was filmed, and it was
    torn down in 1998. It was replaced by an apartment complex known as Villa Azure.


    (The only remaining drive-in theatre still open in Los Angeles County is now
    the Pacific Vineland Drive-In, 443 N. Vineland in the City of Industry.)

0:52:53: We see Robert De Niro, his crew and their families celebrating at an elegant
restaurant, while Al Pacino's men spy on them from the roof of the building across the
street. This was shot at (the then) 
Zenzero restaurant, located at 1535 Ocean Ave.,
Santa Monica, right across the street from the Santa Monica Pier, and within
walking distance of the Broadway Deli (where De Niro meets 'Eavy').

Zenzero closed in 2000, but the location is now home to Ivy at the Shore, a
restaurant which is (along with its sister, The Ivy, in west L.A.) a very
popular spot for both celebrities & paparazzi.

01:08:37: De Niro's crew break into a precious metals repository, and Val Kilmer
attempts to cut through a safe door, but they are forced to walk away when they
realize that Pacino's men have set a trap for them - and Pacino has no choice
but to let them walk.

This scene was shot in the gritty warehouse district (not far from Skid Row) on the
east side of
downtown Los Angeles.. To be more specific, it was filmed around the
Los Angeles Smoking & Curing Company, at 1300 Factory Place, in downtown.
(Once again, you don't want to go there - trust me.)

01:18:58: 'Al Pacino and his crew find themselves out on the docks (among stacks of
freight containers), as they try to figure out what De Niro is up to, only to discover that
De Niro's crew has actually set them up, and are watching (and photographing) them
from the top of a nearby oil storage tank and a freight elevator.

Not surprisingly, this was shot down on the docks of the Los Angeles Harbor, in the
area where
Wilmington & San Pedro meet. The loading lot they are standing in is
surrounded by
John S.Gibson Blvd., and on any given day is filled with thousands of
freight containers, unloaded from the ships docked at the harbor (by those huge
freight elevators you can see behind them in the above photo), then are placed
aboard trucks & trains to be transported to their final destinations.

While they are talking, they mention San Clemente Ave. & Hermosa St.
(two streets which do intersect at the harbor, near the south end of Fries Ave.),
and they mention a
salvage yard (there's one to the northeast,
Island Avenue & W. Harry Bridges Blvd.)


They mention a refinery, and there is the huge Conoco-Phillips oil refinery to the
northwest, on the west side of the Harbor (110) Freeway (at
1660 W. Anaheim St.),
as well as numerous oil storage tanks scattered around the dock area, including a
small cluster surrounding
San Clemente & Hermosa. The large white storage
tank that De Niro's men are watching from is tank number

De Niro also mentions the "Saint Vincent Thomas Bridge".
The late Assemblyman Vincent Thomas (whom I once met) would have gotten a
chuckle out of the idea that people would call him a saint... Actually, it's the
Vincent Thomas Bridge, which spans the harbor waters between the mainland
and Terminal Island (another "Heat" location). Just look up towards the south
while you're in the dock areas, and you can't miss it.The bridge has been seen
in many Hollywood films, from "Charlie's Angels" to "To Live & Die in L.A."


01:27:23: As Robert De Niro heads towards the airport (LAX) on the freeway, Pacino's
crew is secretly following him. Finally, Pacino gets tired of the game, pulls De Niro's
car over, and invites him out for a man-to-man talk over a cup of coffee.

Those freeway scenes were filmed on the very real Century (105) Freeway (the newest
of L.A.'s many freeways),
westbound, just before the junction with the 405 Freeway..


* Locations marked with an asterisk may be located in high-crime areas. Exercise reasonable caution.

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