Part 1
Part One
Actual Southern California locations where the 2007 remake of "Halloween
" was filmed.

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There are four main houses seen in both the 1978 original and the 2007 versions of "Halloween":
the Myers house, the Strode house, the Doyle house and the Wallace house.

We'll start out with the locations of those homes in the 2007 remake:

    1. The Myers house: is where Michael Myers, as a child, murdered his family on Halloween night - and later where Lynda is murdered by Michael (when he's dressed as a ghost with glasses). It is also the scene of the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael Myers.

    You'll find the new "Myers House" at 1110 Glendon Way, in South Pasadena, CA. (That's on the east side of Glendon, five houses south of Throop Avenue - and north of Monterey Road.) 

    It's also just three blocks southwest of the original location of the Myers house in the 1978 movie (which was 707 Meredian Avenue). But that first house was moved from its original location, a block south, and is now at 1000 Mission Street. That's just two blocks southwest of Michael's elementary school and Laurie's high school.

    ( They also shot the TV series "My So-Called Life" at this same house, where it played the role of "The Chase House" - but it was painted blue then. See )

      The City of South Pasadena is located just south of the city of Pasadena, CA.

    2. The Strode house: this is where Michael Myers' sister, Laurie Strode, lives in the present day, with her adopted parents. And in this remake, it is also where her adopted parents are murdered by Michael on Halloween night.

    You'll find the "Stode House" at 1002 Highland Street, in South Pasadena.

    (That's at the northeast corner of Highland & Meridian Ave, about five blocks north of the Myers House.)

    3. The Wallace House: where Annie pretends to baby-sit a little girl named Lindsey Wallace. Annie then drops off Lindsey with Laurie at the Doyle house, so she can sneak back to the empty Wallace house and have sex with her boyfriend. It's here that Annie is attacked (topless) by Michael Myers (after he has already killed her boyfriend in the same house). It is also where Laurie first encounters Michael (after finding Annie almost dead on the floor) and is attacked by him. Laurie flees back to the Doyle house.

    You'll find the "Wallace House" at 1937 La France Ave, in South Pasadena, on the west side of La France Ave - eight houses north of Maple Street, and six houses down from Oneonta Alley.

    (It's across the street from, and five houses north of, the Doyle house - and about a mile southeast of the Myers House).

    That's a long way from the original movie location in Hollywood. 

    4. The Doyle House: this is the home where Laurie goes to baby-sit little Tommy Doyle. Annie brings the little girl, Lindsey Wallace, over to this house so Laurie can watch her, while Annie goes back to the Wallace house. Later, Laurie leaves the Doyle house to walk Lindsey back to Lindsey's home. When she is attacked by Michael there, Laurie then flees back to this Doyle house and locks the door, and hides in the bathroom. But Michael breaks in. The cops arrive, but the cops are killed. Myers then kidnaps Laurie and carries her off to the old Myers house.

    You'll find the "Doyle House" at 1960 La France Ave, in South Pasadena , on the east side of La France (across the street from, and five houses south of the Wallace House. That's three houses north of Maple street.) 

[ Warning: These are private homes. Do not knock on their doors, trespass on their property,
or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

One of the first locations seen in the film (other than the Myers house) is the elementary school of young Michael Meyers. It's here that he is tormented by bullies in the bathroom (leading to his first murder). And it's here that Michael's mother meets with Dr. Loomis for the first time, and he tells her that he fears that young Michael may be a budding psychopath.

The school was actually a blend of two different locations: one for the school exterior, and another for the school interiors:

The exterior of the elementary school was the Administration Building of the South Pasadena School District.
You'll find the building at
1020 El Centro Street, in South Pasadena. Originally the El Centro School, the building
used to have a bell tower which was taken down for safety issues - the old bell was relocated to the front
of the school, and if you look closely, you can spot it sitting there in the exterior shot.

    (The school is right across the street from the location used for Laurie's High School,
    about six miles southwest of the building used for the school's exterior,
    and just two blocks northeast of the Myers House.) 

The interior scenes of the elementary school (such as the hallways and the school bathroom where
young Michael is tormented by bullies) were shot inside an actual school. It was the interior of
Eliot Middle School, found at 2184 N. Lake Avenue, in Altadena

(The school is about a mile east of the Haddonfield Cemetery, which is also in Altadena.)

The city of Altadena is located just north of Pasadena, CA. This school is about
six miles northeast of the building used for the elementary school's exterior.

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