The Green Hornet - Filming Locations (part 1)

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The Green Hornet - Filming Locations
Part 1

 The Southern California locations where 2011's
"The Green Hornet" was filmed.

The movie starts with a shot of future Green Hornet 'Britt Reid' (Seth Rogan) as a child,
riding in the back of a chauffeured limousine, heading to his father's newspaper.

Frat House party 

In that scene, they are heading north on Avenue of the Stars, in Century City (in west Los Angeles).

The traffic light you see behind them is Galaxy Way.   And the white building seen
 to the right is the InterContinental Hotel, at 2151 Avenue of the Stars.

Here is a matching Google StreetView panorama.


  They then arrive at his father's newspaper, The Daily Sentinel.

Frat House party

That building is actually the new headquarters of CAA (Creative Artists Agency),
at 2000 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City.

CAA is one of the most powerful agencies in Hollywood,
and this building has been nicknamed "The Death Star".

(Here is a Google StreetView of the building.)


But since CAA is an office building, not a newspaper, they needed to shoot
somewhere else for the shots of the newspaper interiors and printing press room.


So, they filmed those press room scenes at the L.A. Times building, at  202 W. 1st Street,
(the southwest corner of 1st & Spring) in downtown L.A., (across from City Hall).

Here is a Google StreetView of the exterior of the Times building.


Next we see
'Britt Reid' all grown up (into Seth Rogan). throwing a wild party at a hotel.

Her home

That is The Standard hotel, at 8300 W. Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood.

(Don't confuse this Sunset Strip hotel with its sibling on Flower in downtown L.A.)

(Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the hotel.)


We then move on to one of the major locations for the film, the Reid mansion.
When we first see it, it's his father's home.  But after his father dies, Britt inherits it.

This huge estate is one of the most expensive homes in the world.
It is known as "Fleur de Lys" (AKA: the Saperstein estate), and is located at
350 North Carolwood Drive, in the Holmby Hills/Bel-Air section of Los Angeles.

That's about a mile northwest of the UCLA campus.

Built in 2002, the 41,000 square foot limestone home has 12 bedrooms and 15 baths,
and was listed for sale at $125 million.

(Here's a matching Google StreetView of the estate's gate,
which we see in the movie when the press shows up after his father dies.)

[Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything that might disturb the resident


Farmers market

Later, we see his father's funeral, where they unveil a bronze statue of his dad.


This scene was shot at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the final home of many Hollywood stars.
It's located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, just north of Paramount Studios.

We see it again later, when he sneaks in and cuts the head off the statue,
and once again at the end of the movie, where he welds the head back onto the statue.


(Here is a Google StreetView of the cemetery gates.)

Dad's house

Britt Reid begins his crime-fighting career by accident, when he observes a street mugging.

He tries to stop it, gets himself is trouble, and is rescued by 'Kato' (Jay Chou).
But he finds the experience so invigorating that he becomes the Green Hornet.

They shot this scene on the 6000 block of Santa Monica Blvd, on the south
side of the street, just outside the main gate of the
Hollywood Forever cemetery.

(Here's a Google StreetView of the sign.)

In the photo above he is looking (east) through the actual sign that reads "Hollywood Forever".
- but for the movie, they changed the sign to read: "Elysian Fields".

The mugging takes place just a few yards east of the cemetery gate,
on the sidewalk of the same (south) side of Santa Monica Blvd.

(And here's a matching Google StreetView  of the mugging spot.)


Dad's back yard

Friend's bar/cafe

The police then show up at the scene of the crime, Britt & Kato jump in their car and
speed away, the police car hangs a U-turn and follows them, and a car chase ensues

After a long, violent chase (including a "Ben-Hur"-style wheel-cutter), the cop car crashes.

Now, you might think that this car chase was shot on Santa Monica Blvd, since that's where
it appears to start. But in reality, the chase takes place about two miles to the southeast.

 The cop car is first heading west on the 3700 block of Wilshire Blvd.  It U-turns just west of
the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Serrano Ave, in the mid-city/Koreatown section of L.A.,
and then heads east on Wilshire.

(Here's a Google StreetView of the U-turn spot - seen above.)

 The cars are still heading east when the cop car crashes on the 3600 block of Wilshire,
just west of the corner of Wilshire & Kingsley Drive (near St. Basil's Catholic Church).

(And here's a Google StreetView of the crash spot - seen below.)


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