Part 2

The Actual Southern California Locations where
2004's "First Daughter" was filmed.

After meeting in Samantha's first class, 'Samantha' and 'James' (Marc Blucas) are seen
exiting the building. This is Royce Hall at UCLA. They then walk out into "Dickson Plaza",
the popular grassy quad which runs between the two oldest buildings on the UCLA campus:
Royce Hall (seen above) and Powell Library. (seen below)

"Dickson Plaza" empties into Janss Steps, a long series of wide brick steps
running down  the hill to the west part of the UCLA campus.

We see Jann's Steps in the scene where  'Samantha' and her friend 'Amerie'
(Mia Thompson) go water sliding down the hill.

That water slide was constructed just to the (north) side of Jann's Steps.

And when the kids run back up the stairs,
it's Janss Steps that they are running up.


After a scare at a swim party, poor 'Samantha' is dragged (in her bikini) to her
father's campaign office. Ignore the sign outside that says "Redmond, CA". In fact,
this building is in downtown Los Angeles, it's the historic Biltmore Hotel,
located at 506 S. Grand Avenue (at 5th & Grand).

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