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Fear the Walking Dead - Filming Locations

The actual places where "Fear the Walking Dead" is filmed.

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Episode 3: "The Dog"

There were no new Southern California locations in the 3rd Episode,
just the same homes in East L.A. that we saw in previous episodes.

However, as production of the series seems to shift to
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, I did manage
 to track down two new locations in that city:

0:07:00:  After the family (and the barber & his wife) manage to escape from the
barber shop, they find themselves in the middle of a major riot scene in the
streets of what is supposed to be Los Angeles.

This new downtown spot has a sign reading "Gabrielinos  Plaza".

As the family flees the Plaza, by running under a scaffolding, a police
fire hose blasts rioters and overturns the scaffolding.  It falls on top of the
barber's wife, pinning her legs under the scaffolding, until she is rescued.

This was actually shot about a thousand miles north of Los Angeles, at
Oceanic Plaza, around 1036 W. Hastings Street, in Vancouver.

Oceanic Plaza has been described as "A business center,
located in a 26-story commercial building, in the heart
of the business district of downtown Vancouver."


Here is a Google StreetView of that plaza.

When they finally manage to escape in their truck (above), they are seen
driving east on N. Hastings Street, just before Thurlow Street.

That round P-sign seen in the screencap above is at the entrance
to a parking lot for Guiness Tower, at 1055 W. Hastings Street.
That is right across the street from Oceanic Plaza.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of that truck-escape spot.

10:26: We see the family driving in their truck past what is
supposed to be "Sisters of Mercy Hospital".

All hell has broken loose there, with the police shooting
zombie patients who come staggering out of the hospital.

(This hospital comes back into play in later episodes, as it become the
National Guard's central base/hospital, where they screen survivors. It plays a
major role in the season finale, Episode 6, when the place is overrun by zombies.)

In real life, this is not a hospital.  It is the Surrey School District Building,
 at 14033 92 Avenue, in Surrey (a part of Metro Vancouver).

When we first see the view from the family truck, as they
drive past, they are driving east on 92 Avenue.

However, after a few seconds, the truck turns left (north), and that is deceptive,
because they actually turn into the parking lot of the "hospital", via 141st Street,
which is more or less a dead end that only leads into the parking lot -
not something a driver would really do, under the circumstances.
 (They would just keep heading east on 92 Ave.)

But the east / parking lot side is where they filmed the action scenes of
the police shooting zombie patients (which you see below),
so they needed to get the car into that area.

In the screencap above, we're looking at the east end of the building,
with the camera looking west/southwest from the parking lot.

Here is a matching  Google StreetView of the building.


That hospital scene is followed by a fake view shot, supposedly from the truck, of the
Los Angeles skyline, as seen from the hills, while the lights of the city slowly blink out:

In reality, Surrey is a very flat town, and there are no streets near that hospital offering an
elevated view of downtown.  Of course, the other big problem is that they're not in L.A.

But for the record, the skyline view they show would have been seen from a vantage point
north / northwest  of downtown L.A., looking south /southeast towards the city, with
the vehicle traveling east.  Since you can see Dodger Stadium in the foreground,
the actual location of the camera would be up in the hills of Elysian Park.

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