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Episode 2: "So Close, Yet So Far"

OK, so much for the Southern California locations.

But if you go back to 0:01:12 you'll see that the very first new location
in this episode is Matt's house, where Alicia goes and finds him ill.

So, what happened to Matt's house?

Well, first I noticed that it didn't look much like the other houses seen on the show.
It was a much more expensive home, nothing like the more modest houses
seen in that East L.A. neighborhood.  I thought that was odd.

Then later, I saw the riot scene at 13:26, which is supposed to take place in downtown L.A.

Trust me, I know downtown L.A., and that definitely isn't Los Angeles.

So, I did a little investigating and found out that not only was the scene not filmed in L.A.,
it wasn't even filmed in the same freakin' country!  They went all the way up to
Vancouver, Canada to film most of the scenes in this episode!

Yes, you heard me right.  They were in L.A., but they went all the way to
another country to shoot scenes that are supposed to be in L.A.!

In fact, they shot all of the scenes in this episode in Canada, except for
 the two L.A. locations I detailed on the previous page.

Well, I've tracked down most of them, but I couldn't find Matt's house, or the
ex-wife's house (both of which seem be in the same Vancouver neighborhood).

If anyone familiar with Vancouver wants to try their hand at finding Matt's house, here are some clues:
  • The street address is 821

  • The street has unusual sidewalks on both sides that stretch out to the curb - that is, with no strip of grass in between the sidewalk and the street.

  • The street itself is relatively narrow, it has curbs,
    but it has no painted stripe down the middle.

  • And again, the street number is 821.
    ( How many houses in Vancouver can be 821 ? )

But for now, it's on to those remaining Vancouver locations that I did find...

First, that city riot scene at 00:13:26:

That big scene was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia,
on the 1000 block of Eveleigh Street.

The camera (above) is looking northwest, as Travis's son
walks southeast down Eveleigh Street.

The brown building at the end of the street is the southeast side of
a building with the official address of 1130 W. Pender Street,
but this side actually faces the 500 block of Thurlough Street

That public parking building that you see on the left side
 is for Bentall Centre, at 1055 Eveleigh Street.

Here is a matching  Google StreetView of that street.


0:15:12: We see Travis stuck in a traffic jam, while Maddie waits at home to flee the city.

 He grows tired of waiting in traffic, and takes a shortcut through a corner gas station,
where he sees a cop filling up his trunk with water bottles...

In this scene, Travis is driving east on the 13500 block of Ave 80,
approaching the 8000 block of King George Highway,
in the city of Surrey, BC (which is part of Metro Vancouver).

The traffic blocking him (seen above) is heading south on King George.

Travis turns right (southeast) to cut through the gas station.

Ignore the fake signs they put up. That station is really called
"Fas Gas", and it's at 7999 King George Highway.

Here is a matching 
Google StreetView of the gas station.


31:04: As a full-out riot breaks out, with looting, Travis, his son and his ex-wife
takes refuge in a storefront barbershop ("Salazar's Cuts").

The barber reluctantly allows them to stay, after being urged to by his wife.

This spot was very hard to find, because they faked the height of the buildings here,
adding upper floors that aren't there in real life.

So when I went hunting for them via Google Earth and Bing aerials,
those tall buildings were nowhere to be found.

I finally managed to track it down because of a stop sign that appears above the door
of one of the storefronts in the scene.  A fake sign reads "Walk in Clinic", but it is actually
"Downtown Pharmacy", at 348 Powell Street, in Downtown Eastside Vancouver.

That sign is right next door to where they created the barber shop.
in the empty storefront of a former "Sub Shop" at 344 Powell Street.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking southwest down
Powell Street, from under an awning at 369 Powell Street.

That's about a mile east of that first city riot scene, and about
 10 miles west of the traffic jam gas station location.

Here is a matching 
Google StreetView of the storefronts.


More " Fear the Walking Dead " locations!


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