Fear The Walking Dead - Filming Locations in Los Angeles (page 2)

Fear the Walking Dead - Filming Locations

The actual places in Los Angeles where
"Fear the Walking Dead" is filmed.

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: Nick buys a burn phone at a gas station mini-mart
and uses it to call Calvin.

This gas station is at 3625 Beverly Blvd,
at the southeast corner of Beverly & W. Temple Street.

That's just west of the hospital, and just north of Calvin's house.

It used to be a Chevron station, but in 2014, new owners painted it green,
and it is now called "Conserve Fuel".

  In the scene, Nick is walking northeast along Beverly Blvd.

Here is a matching  Google StreetView of the gas station.

Then (at 43:50) Nick sits down under a freeway overpass, to wait for Calvin.

That scene (in the screencap below) was filmed
under the Hollywood Freeway overpass at Virgil Ave.,
at approximately 400 N. Virgil, about 230 yards north of the gas station.

And here is a matching  Google StreetView
of that underpass.


0:44:15: We see Alicia Clark at the beach, obviously waiting for her boyfriend, Matt.
She texts him that she's there, and later, that she's leaving.

This is Venice beach.

To be more specific, she is at the west end of Dudley Avenue, around
400 Ocean Front Walk
, in Venice, CA.  The camera is looking north.

The tall building seen in the background (in the screencap below)
is at 5 Rose Ave.
(near 220 Ocean Front Walk).

Here is a matching 
Google StreetView of the spot.


0:45:50:  We see Maddie & Travis on the freeway at night, talking about the missing Nick.

Suddenly, they encounter a traffic jam at an offramp.

Later, via a news video, they learn that the traffic jam was caused by police
trying to subdue an out of control suspect.  But since he was a zombie,
it wasn't that easy to do. Even shooting him didn't work...

I had a hard time tracking this one down.  I eventually had to make a sketch of the
curving overpasses that arch above the offramp, and then search the
various L.A. freeway interchanges until I finally found one that matched.

When we first see them driving on the freeway, they are
heading south on
the Long Beach (710) freeway
, approaching the interchange with
the San Bernardino (10) Freeway
, in East L.A.

Here is a matching  Google StreetView of that part of the freeway.

So, precisely which offramp was it?

The traffic in front of them is heading onto the transition ramp
leading from the southbound Long Beach (710) freeway
to the (Los Angeles) westbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway

And here is a matching 
Google StreetView of the actual offramp.


0:51:04: We see Nick meet with Calvin at a diner.

He asks Calvin what kind of drugs he gave him (to produce that zombie nightmare)
and Calvin denies giving him anything unusual.  It becomes clear that Calvin is not
the nice clean-cut kid he appeared to be when Nick's parents visited his house...

He's a drug dealer, and he's getting paranoid that Nick might rat him out,
since Nick's parents came to his place looking for him.

This diner is a Denny's, at 530 Ramirez Street,
in downtown Los Angeles, CA, 90012.

It's just across the tracks (east of) L.A.'s landmark Union Station.

And here is a matching 
Google StreetView of the diner.


0:55:22: Calvin drives Nick into a tunnel that leads down onto a semi-dry river bed.

While pretending to befriend Nick, Calvin is actually planning to kill him,
to make sure he stays quiet about his drug dealing.

But Nick spots Calvin's gun, struggles with him, and when the gun
goes off, Calvin is shot and (apparently) killed.

This is the L.A. River, which, for the uninitiated, is basically a concrete ditch in most places.

In the screenshot above, the camera is looking southeast, from the west side of the river bed.

Here is a  Google StreetView of the L.A. River, as seen from atop the 6th Street Bridge.

There is a very real tunnel that starts under the west end of the 6th Street Bridge
(near Santa Fe Avenue), and which runs east to its opposite end, an opening
on the west wall of the L.A. River
, beneath the 6th Street Bridge.

It is normally blocked off, but it allows authorized people (including filmmakers)
 to easily walk or drive down to the river bed.  And the location is a
very popular one with Hollywood moviemakers (think "Grease").

When Nick and Calvin first arrive, they enter the tunnel and drive east
out onto the river bed (where Calvin tries to kill him).

In the screencap above, the camera is looking west/northwest,
towards the river-end mouth of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, Calvin doesn't stay dead.  He soon shows up as a full-blown zombie,
and attacks the family in the tunnel, forcing Nick to run him over with his car.

This attack scene was shot inside that 6th Street tunnel, with the
camera (in the above shot) looking east, towards the L.A. River.

Here is a
Google StreetView of the west end of the tunnel.


1:03:33: At the end of the episode, there is a final shot of a bridge & the city skyline

This is the 6th Street bridge, but they faked the downtown L.A. skyline in the background.

They filmed this shot from the nearby 4th Street bridge, looking southeast.

But as you can see from this matching
Google StreetView,  there is no view
 of the L.A. skyline from that viewpoint, since you are looking away from downtown.

( In order to see that skyline, the camera would have had to been looking northwest. )

So, they apparently inserted the downtown L.A. skyline to the right of the bridge.


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