The actual Southern California locations where the
    2009 movie
    "Fast & Furious" was filmed.

    Part 2

    [ Warning: Many of the filming locations for Fast & Furious are located
    in unsafe parts of the city. Exercise reasonable caution.

    Attention: This entire page is devoted to the movie's big street race - and it is long.

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    The Big Race...

    David Park informs the cops that the cartel is going to have a street race to determine which racers they
    hire to smuggle drugs across the border. He also gets Brian O'Conner into the big race.

    When the race is about to begin, the first thing we see is what looks like a building where one wall has
    been ripped away, exposing a blue, transparent building glowing in the night. Inside the bottom level,
    the racers are gathering (including both O'Conner & Toretto), along with the cartel bosses & fans.

    The cars take off from the starting line here, popping wheelies.

    This building is actually the Aroma Golf Range, a 4-level indoor driving range, with a parking lot
    on the street level (the parked cars protected by a netting stretched above the cars).

    It's located right in the middle of the L.A.'s Koreatown, at 3680 Wilshire Blvd.
     (That's on the south side of Wilshire Blvd, between Western and Normandie.)

    But the front view you see in the movie actually side faces 7th Street.

    The driving range is part of the larger "Aroma Wilshire Center"", which also
    includes a spa, shops, an Olympic size swimming pool, etc.

    Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the range, as seen from Serrano & 7th.


    * Click on the race photos below to see matching Google StreetView panoramas! *
    (A map will appear first - wait a few seconds, and the StreetView panorama will appear.)

    (The numbers in brackets [ 00:00 ] are the DVD times of the race, in minutes & seconds.)

    [ 38:27 ]

    When the cars start to race, we see them pass a green Chinese-style roof before turning right, under a bridge.

    They are heading north up Spring Street, just before College Street, near L.A.'s Chinatown.
    They turn right, from northbound Spring Street to eastbound College St.

    That green roof is the Chinatown station of L.A.'s Metro Gold Line (a light-rail train line)
    1231 N. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA, and the bridge overhead is the light railway itself.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking north, from the intersection of Spring College Streets.

    [ 38:39 ]

    The cars hang a sharp right and race south down Alameda/Spring Street.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking northwest from Alameda Street, just south of College St.

    [ 38:54 ]

    The camera pulls back to show a nighttime aerial view of the city skyline.

    This aerial shot of the race shows that same Gold Line bridge
    as it curves from Alameda St. to Vignes St

    The cars are heading northwest on N. Vignes Street, passing under that bridge.

    In the aerial photo above, the camera is looking southwest.

    The same Chinatown Metro station is seen in the photo's lower right corner.
    The yellow building in the photo's lower left corner is
    Homeboy Industries, at 130 Bruno Street.

    [ 38:55 ]

    The cars race north up Vignes Street, under the curve of the MetroRail bridge.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking north up Vignes Street, just before Rosabell Street.

    [ 38:57 ]

    They then pass through a short tunnel.

    That tunnel is on Vignes Street, just northwest of Bauchet Street, at approximately 1025 Vignes St.
    The tunnel passes under a cluster of railroad tracks. (This same location is repeated a few times.)

    In the photo above, the camera is looking southeast through that Vignes tunnel.

    The building seen outside the tunnel is the Twin Towers Correctional Facility
    (a polite name for the County Jail), at 450 Bauchet Street.

    [ 39:36 ]

    Dominic Toretto then drives his car the wrong way down the wrong side of the road.

    He is seen driving west/northwest on N. Vignes Street just before Main Street.
    (Vignes Street changes its name to Alpine Street once it crosses Main Street.)

    In the photo above, the camera is looking west/northwest up Vignes (Alpine) Street.

    (The white building on the right is at the northeast corner of  Alameda & Alpine,
    it's address is
    808 N. Spring Street.)

    [ 39:49 ]

    The cars make the a hard right turn from northbound Spring Street onto eastbound Alpine Street,
    followed by two major car crashes.

    The car crashes take place at the intersection of Spring & Alpine.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking south/southeast,
    as the cars race west on Alpine St
    ., just east of Alameda St.

    The Starlight Nails Supply seen behind them is at 1028 N. Alameda St.
    (A zoom lens makes the building look closer to Alpine than it actually is.)

    [ 39:51 ]

    In the aerial photo above, the camera is looking south/southeast down Alameda Street,
    where it crosses Alpine Street.

    [ 39:55 ]

    In the photo above, the camera is looking east from Alameda Street., just north of Alpine Street.

    The white SUV is heading south on Alameda, smashing into the race car (as the car crosses east in front of it).

    In the photo below, shot at the same location, the camera is looking northwest up Alameda, as the cars travel south.

    (That same 808 N. Spring Street building is seen on the left in the photo below.)

    [ 39:55 ]

    [ 40:22 ]

    The filming location suddenly jumps three miles to the northwest, to the Echo Park section of L.A.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking south down the 1300 block of Glendale Blvd.
    as the cars head south towards Sunset Blvd. overpass. (It's just a block north of the Echo Park lake.)

    [ 40:31 ]

    Back in downtown L.A. again, Brian O'Conner has gotten off track,
    and we see him take a short cut by heading into an alleyway.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking east, at the alley next to 712 SSan Pedro Street.

    When he comes roaring out of that alley, he emerges from the west side of Crocker Street, then
    speeds east across Crocker, to another alley on its east side.

    In the photo below, the camera is looking south.

    [ 40:39 ]

    [ 40:59 ]

    When Toretto's car is deliberately sideswiped by the BMW Driver (Brandon T. Jackson),
    the cars are heading north/NE on San Pedro Street, in downtown.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking south/SE down San Pedro Street.

    (The building on the right side is G&J Flowers, at 769 S. San Pedro.)

    The filming location then takes a radical leap, some 25 miles to the south,
    and the streets of San Pedro, near the L.A. harbor.

    [ 41:12 ]

    When we see O'Conner again, as his car gets clipped and goes spinning out
    at the intersection of 11th Street & Beacon Street, in San Pedro.

    In the photo above, the camera is looking south/southwest down Beacon Street.
    His car is facing northeast.

    [ 41:52 ]

    O'Conner looks down an embankment at the highway below, and sees Toretto and the BMW racing below him.

    The street where they are racing is Harbor Blvd, in San Pedro. O'Conner's car is above them on Beacon Street,
    a road which runs parallel to Harbor Blvd.  A steep embankment separates the two roads.

    There is a long, narrow park which runs along the east side of Beacon Street in this area,
    called San Pedro Plaza Park. It runs next to Beacon from 7th street, south to 13th Street.

    At first, O'Conner tries to keep pace with the two cars below by
    driving south on the walking path of his park (alongside Beacon Street).

    But then he sees he is about to run into a dead end, so O'Conner crashes his car through a
    wooden stairway and drives down the steep embankment to the highway below (Harbor Blvd).

    (The building he sees as a dead end is at 1300 S. Beacon. Or at least it should be.
    It appears that they have changed the look of the actual building that is there, perhaps using CGI.)

    In the photo above, as O'Conner drives down the embankment, we are looking down from the park,
    (on the 1200 block of Beacon Street) down to the 1200 block of Harbor Blvd

    In the photo below, as O'Conner joins the other racers again, the camera is
    looking north up Harbor Blvd, as the cars race south on Harbor.

    By now, the race is down to just three drivers: Toretto, O'Conner, and the BMW driver.

    [ 41:57 ]

    [ 42:01 ]

    The filming location makes another huge leap, from back to an area just west of downtown L.A.
    as the cars travel west/northwest on the 1200 block of W. 1st Street (just east of Bixel St).

    In the photo above, the camera is looking west/northwest down W. 1st Street,
    as Toretto and the BMW driver are seen racing side by side down a wide street,

    The low building seen on the left side is at 1242 W. 1st Street.

    [ 42:20 ]

    As they approach a bridge, the BMW driver deliberately sideswipes Toretto's car again, but
    Toretto maneuvers out of the way of the next blow, causing the BMW to lose control and roll over.

    In the photo above , as the BMW flips, the camera is looking the opposite direction
    , but at the same 1200 stretch of W. 1st Street.

    (The green & yellow building at center-left is the Edward Roybal Learning Center.
    The building on the right is the Department of Water & Power.)

    O'Conner attempts to avoid hitting the out-of-control BMW by maneuvering his car down an offramp
    to a side road, one that off ramp runs below the bridge. It doesn't work.

    The BMW smashes through a guard rail and goes flying off the side of the bridge,
    and winds up plunging to the crowd below, right where O'Conner is driving.

    That bridge is where W. 1st Street passes over Douglas & 2nd Streets, in the 1300 block of 1st.

    O'Conner takes the Glendale Blvd offramp from 1st Street, and winds up below on the 100 block of Glendale Blvd.

    [ 42:28 ]

    In the shot above, the camera is looking up at that 1st Street bridge, from Glendale Blvd.
    (But it looks like they might have faked this particular shot using CGI.)

    In the shot below, The camera is looking east/southeast from the intersection of Glendale Blvd
    & Toluca Street
    (right below that 1st St. bridge) as the BMW smashes to the ground below,
    just as O'Conner's car arrives at that intersection.

    [ 42:29 ]

    In the photo below, O'Conner swerves to avoid the falling car as it crashes down in front of him
    He is traveling west on Glendale Blvd (below the bridge) where it meets N. Toluca Street.

    After narrowly missing the car, O'Conner rejoins Toretto on that 1st Street bridge.

    [ 42:31 ]

    We finally come to the end of the big race. (whew!)

    Toretto & O'Conner are the only two cars left, racing neck and neck down the final quarter mile.

    O'Conner is just about to pass Toretto, when Toretto "cheats".
    He does a PIT maneuver on O'Conner's car, sending it spinning out, and wins the race.

    In this scene, they are racing north on Mission Road, in downtown L.A.

    [ 43:08 ]

    In the photo above, the camera is looking north up Mission Road.
    The building with the double doors on the right is at
    539 S. Mission Road.

    That tall bridge seen in the distance is the 6th Street/Whittier Blvd bridge.

    [ 43:46 ]

    The cars pass under the 6th Street/Whittier Blvd bridge, heading north on Mission Street, and
    wind up around to
    650 S. Mission Road, just north of that bridge, where the bosses congratulate Toretto.

    In both the photo above and the photo below, the camera is looking back south down Mission Road.

    In the wide top shot, the camera is near the intersection of Mission Road & Jesse Street. The building
    on the right side is at
    2251 Jesse Street, while the building on the left side is at 633 Mission Road.

    [ 44:16]


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