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The actual Southern California locations where Steven Spielberg's sci-fi series was filmed.

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Episode 6:  “Nightmares”

( At 05:24, we see yet another establishing shot of
the ISEA headquarters - this time after dark)

(Click on the photo to read about that location.)

0:14:37: As Molly talks to Sam (and plants a bug on her), we are back to the
same studio location seen as the ISEA interior in previous episodes:

(Click on the photo to read about that location.)

( The same location is seen again at 19:31, when Gordon Kern tries to enter ISEA, and is
denied entrance by security - while Harmon Kryger steals the Aruna transmission file.

0:17:00: Gordon Kern goes to a futuristic salon of sorts, which dispenses various kinds of gas.

He tells the salon owner: "Absalom, a dose and a half", then takes a seat in an egg-shaped pod-chair,
while the owner places a mask over his face and turns on the gas.  Kern inhales it, and passes out.

Once he's unconscious, Harmon Kryger appears.  He uses a machine to copy Kern's palm print,
then proceeds to burn his own fingerprints off with acid, and transfers Kern's prints to his own hand.

Yes, this salon is real -- futuristic pod-chairs and all.

Except that, of course, in real life, it doesn't dispense exotic gasses.

This scene was shot inside the Neihulé Nail & Tanning Salon,
at 512 W. 7th Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

That's on the south side of 7th, between Olive Street and Grand Avenue.

( The same salon was also used recently in the 2013 rom-com "About Last Night". )

Here is a Google StreetView of the salon:

  ( Here is a video showing the interior of the salon. )


0:24:26: Molly leaves the ISEA, after dark, and nervously walks across a bridge.

A young man approaches her, and gives her a cell phone - saying that she dropped it.

The phone rings.  It is Harmon Kryger, telling her that he needs to show
her something, and to meet him at 10 a.m. at Bradfield Park.

This scene was shot on the "skybridge" in front of the Los Angeles Center Studios,
at 461 S. Boylston Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

This is the same studio where they shoot most of the interiors for the ISEA scenes.
It lies just west of the Harbor (110) Freeway.

She is walking east across the bridge (which spans Boylston Street), towards Beaudrey Ave.

Here is a photo of that double bridge, as seen below from Boylston:


: Molly goes to Bradfield Park to meet with Harmon Kryger, aware that
he is a wanted man, and that the ISEA would do anything to stop him.

We see Molly walking nervously in the park, looking for Harmon.

She spots Gordon Kern, who is also looking for Harmon. She turns and walks away.

She enters the large glass building next to the park, where she phones in a fake
message to Sam, to try to get Kern off her trail.  The message says she is
meeting Harmon soon at a library.  It works, as Kern's boss at ISEA
orders him to leave the park and head for the library.

Molly then alerts Harmon (inside the building), and rushes him towards the front doors.

This lengthy scene was shot in and around  the headquarters of the
Creative Artists Agency (CAA), at 2000 Avenue of the Stars,
in Century City (in west Los Angeles).

The CAA is the most powerful talent agency in Hollywood, and their
gleaming glass building is jokingly referred to as "the Death Star"

The "park" scenes were shot in the grassy courtyard located behind
(east of) the building, between it and the twin Century Towers.

The indoor scenes were filmed inside the CAA building itself.

If the building looks familiar, it may be because Hollywood has used it
many times since it was built in 2007.  It's futuristic look has been
seen in "Star Trek: Into Darkness", "Inception", "In Time",
"Hancock", "The Green Hornet" and "Valentine's Day".

Below is a view of that same courtyard, and the CAA building:

( Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the front of the CAA building. )


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