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The actual Southern California locations where Steven Spielberg's sci-fi series was filmed.

Season Two - Page 8

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Episode 12 (of Season 2):  “Double Vision”
(Part 1 of the Season Finale)

0:04:25: We see an outdoor farmers market, with the usual booths, as a squad
of militarized Humanichs start patrolling, with weapons on display.

JD's ex-wife, Dorothy, is there.  Suddenly the young alien hybrid Terra
shows up.  She is bleeding from a gunshot, and asks her for help.


This farmers market scene was shot on the Marathon Street walkway
 at Paramount Studios, at 5555 Melrose Avenue, in Hollywood.

This brick walkway runs east/west along the length of the front (south side)
of the studio lot, just outside of Paramount's famous Bronson Gate.

In the screenshot above, the camera is looking east.

At first, this looked like a difficult location to identify, since the tents and trees block
most of the surroundings.  But fortunately, when I blew up the image, I spotted the
top of the studio's Marathon Office Building in the background
(although it's out of focus and somewhat washed out).

And since I've been on the lot more than once, the brick walkway
itself was easy to recognize once I knew where we were at.

Here is a Google StreetView of the entrance to Paramount Studios.
The scene was filmed near where the white tent is in this 2010 view.


0:11:26: Molly's Humanich son, Ethan, meets with Homeland Security Director
Fiona Stanton, while they sit on a bench in a park.

They shake hands and Ethan gives her a virtual reality visor.

Fiona  has a  virtual meeting with Molly, in which Molly tells her about TAALR
(pronounced Taylor) being the real threat.  The artificial intelligence
has decided to kill off both mankind & the aliens with a virus.

They didn't have to move far for this next shot.

This is "Marathon Park", also at Paramount Studios,
located at 5555 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood.

The park is located just outside (and to the west) of Paramount's famous Bronson Gate.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking north.

For a moment, behind Ethan & Fiona, you can see the top of the bubbling fountain,
outside the famous Paramount Gate, as well as the hedges and trees that
make it easy to spot for anyone who has taken the Paramount tour.

You can actually see that hedge & fountain in this distant Google StreetView.


:  Attempting to destroy TAALR in his base, where his server is located,
JD and his army friend pose as a repair crew. and arrive at "One Euclid",

We see the building's exterior, which resembles a futuristic office building.

Later (in the second half of this double-episode) a battle breaks out between them,
the alien hybrids, and an army of militarized Humanichs guarding the building.

This building is the Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook "University Center", at the
College of the Canyons, a 2-year community college in Valencia., CA.

This 110,000-square-foot center was built in 2009, and "houses multiple advanced-degree
 programs from public and private universities, allowing  students to attain bachelor's
and master's degrees without leaving the Santa Clarita Valley."

The center is located at the south end of the college campus.

This is a  Google StreetView of the building



Episode 13 (of Season 2):  “The Greater Good”

(Part 2 of the Season Finale)

Most of this episode is spent at the previously-seen locations (such as "One Euclid").
There is only one new location, and it is the very last shot of the season:

0:38:00: We see the interior of a coffee shop. A sign tells us it is "Eureka Coffee".

A girl behind the counter delivers a cup of coffee to a customer in a hat & trench coat.

We see that the name on the cup is ""TAALR", indicating that the villainous AI computer
has managed to download its consciousness into the artificial body of a Humanich,
surviving the destruction of his server and the other Humanichs.

This was shot at The Coffee Bean coffee shop at Paramount Studios.

They simply changed some of the signs to identify it as "Eureka Coffee",
otherwise it looks pretty much the same as it always does.

The building doubles as the Studio Store, and it is the first stop on the studio tour,
as guests meet their tour guides here, and are encouraged to spend time
(and money) on both coffee and Paramount souvenirs.

Paramount Pictures is located at 5555 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood.

This store/coffee shop is located just inside the studio entrance,
towards the far east side of the lot.



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