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The actual Southern California locations where Steven Spielberg's sci-fi series was filmed.

Season Two - Page 5

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Episode 5 (of Season 2):  “The New Frontier ”

0:05:50: Lucy, the new alien-hunting android, is seen approaching a guy in a glitzy bar.

As she walks through the bar, she reads everyone's temperature, searching
for someone with a temperature of around 80 degrees.

She lures her target into a back room, with promises of sex, and then
pulls a gun on him.  When he disarms her and flees,
she tackles him and snaps his neck.

But it all turns out to be just a simulation - a test of her skills.

This was shot inside the Conga Room, at L.A. Live.
The address is 800 W. Olympic Blvd, in downtown Los Angeles.

That popular center, which houses the Nokia Theatre (now called the Microsoft Theater)
is located right across the street from the Staples Center and the L.A. Convention Center.

Here's a photo of a Conga Room bar:

Here is a distant Google StreetView of the Conga Room.


0:35:29: Lucy & David are sitting at sidewalk cafe, when she spots an alien (for real this time).

She follows him through a crowded public plaza, and stabs him in the back of the neck.

This scene was shot at L.A. Live, in what used to be called Nokia Plaza.

However, now that Microsoft has bought out the Nokia Theatre, and renamed it the
Microsoft Theater, the former Nokia Plaza has been renamed "Microsoft Square".

To be more specific, this scene was shot right in front of the JW Marriott Hotel tower,
in an east/west walkway between the north side of the Microsoft Theater and the
south side of the JW Marriott hotel.

The sidewalk cafe runs along the south side of the hotel, near its southeast corner.

When she stabs the alien, she is walking east along this plaza walkway.

Here is a distant StreetView shot of part of that walkway.


0:36:45:  Toby goes to his young niece's birthday party, being held at a park,
where he gives her a present, and talks to his sister.

This scene wasn't shot in an actual park.

It was shot at Paramount Studios, at a green area they now call "Marathon Park",
which runs along the south entrance to the studio, parallel to Melrose,
near the famous Paramount gate.

The address of Paramount is 5555 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood.

Here's a photo of Marathon Park that I shot during my last tour of the studio:

They have used it for filming before, so I should have remembered it.  But instead, I assumed
it was an actual park, and wasted an insane amount of time looking for it.

Fortunately, my friend Chas figured it out and let me know.  (Thanks, Chas!)

Here's a StreetView of the Paramount entrance.


0:41:53:  We see Molly walking down a city street, when she encounters a stranger that
she picked up in a bar (and had sex with) when she was under the influence of the
alien DNA.  He is happy to see her again.  But the feeling isn't mutual.

When he tries to stop her from walking away, she turns on him, her eyes
suddenly start glowing yellow (like her alien offspring), and she causes
him to hallucinate and walk into the path of an oncoming truck.

This was shot about half a mile east of L.A. Live, at the corner of
 Broadway & 11th Street., in downtown Los Angeles.

She is walking west on the south side of 11th Street,
at approximately 115 W. 11th Street, past the north side
of the old Case Hotel (at 1106 Broadway).

(In the screenshots above, the camera is looking west/northwest.)

That "L.A.X." sign (seen behind them) is at the northwest corner of
the intersection,
on a mini-mart at 1065 S. Broadway.

Here's a matching  StreetView of the intersection.


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