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The actual Southern California locations where Steven Spielberg's sci-fi series was filmed.

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Episode 3 (of Season 2):  “Empathy for the Devil”

0:02:53: We see a military funeral at a cemetery, with an honor guard firing a three-volley salute.

General Tobias Shepherd is present, in a Marine dress uniform.

A woman arrives and informs him that Molly Wood has escaped.

This scene was shot at the Los Angeles National Cemetery,
at 950 S. Sepulveda Blvd, in Westwood Village.

The large veteran's cemetery is located just west of the UCLA campus.
Its 114 acres are the final resting place of over 87,000 military veterans
including 14 Medal of Honor winners), dating back to the Civil War vets.
The first burial took place in 1889.

It is also a popular spot for Hollywood filming,
sometimes standing in for Arlington Cemetery.

Here is a Google StreetView of the cemetery.


0:10:51: Molly and detective JD Richter go to the home of a woman (Zoey Grant)
whom Molly believes has been impregnated by an alien Offspring.

She warns her that she will die if she doesn't end the pregnancy.

This house is located at 10383 Monte Mar Drive, in west Los Angeles.,
right next to the Rancho Park golf course, and about a mile south of Century City.

The home doesn't show on Google StreetView (it was just being built then),
but you can see it clearly via  Bing StreetSide.

[ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything else to disturb the residents. ]



0:22:44: We see a very unusual looking gas station.

When Zoey Grant returns to her car there, Molly confronts her, insisting
that she knows what is happening to Zoey, and providing details.

Believe it or not, this futuristic gas station is real.

It is the United Oil station, at 4700 W. Slauson Ave (at the southwest
corner of Slauson & La Brea), in Ladera Heights.

There is a gas station on all four corners of that intersection, but you
have to admit, this one stands out among the competition!

And here is a Google StreetView of the station.


24:50: We see Molly & Zoey Grant sitting at some kind of hi-tech fast food place
or mini-mart.  It's very bright and colorful.

Zoey confesses to Molly that she got pregnant during a one-night stand.

Molly tries to talk Zoey into terminating the pregnancy, but Zoey doesn't want
to consider it, because her husband believes the child is his.

Zoey runs out of the place, and a clerk holds up Molly long enough for Zoey to escape.

For a moment, this had me stumped.  But fortunately, as Molly comes out of the place,
the camera briefly catches sight of a sign overhead reading
"We Got It!" Food Mart.

A little Googling quickly revealed that it was a real place, and it was located at the
very same Union Oil gas station we had seen before (at
4700 W. Slauson Ave.)

Here are two photos of the shop, from their website.

And here is a  Google StreetView of the place.


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