Collateral Filming Locations - part 1


Part 1

The Actual Southern California Locations Where 2004's "Collateral" Was Filmed.

0:1:05: The movie "Collateral" opens at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX),
where 'Vincent' (Tom Cruise) & his contact "accidentally" exchange briefcases.

LAX is located northwest of the interchange of the 405 & 105 freeways, and just west
of where Sepulveda Blvd
. meets Century Blvd

(The official address is One World Way, Los Angeles.)

Here is a Google PhotoSphere of the Tom Bradley Terminal today.

0:2:57: When cab driver 'Max' (Jamie Foxx) first pulls out of the his taxi company in his cab,
we see the mural of a headless cowboy (or vaquero) and a bull.

This unfinished mural was painted in 1974 by an anonymous artist, and is located
on a north-facing outside wall at "Estrada Courts", a federal housing project
with dozens of murals on the sides of the buildings.

You'll find this vaquero mural at 3356 1/2 Hunter Street,
in Boyle Heights, in East L.A. *

The camera is looking south/southwest.  In reality, there is no cab company
across the street from this mural - just residential houses.

Here is a Google StreetView of that mural.

[ The original mural in Estrada Courts was copied by the filmmakers and added
to an undisclosed location where this early taxi garage scene was filmed.

: We see Max putting gas in his taxi at a "Gas & Market" featuring a large
mural of Our Lady of Guadeloupe (surrounded by produce).  It is next to a freeway.

This is an actual truck stop. You'll find it at 1400 South Alameda Street,
on the southeast side of downtown Los Angeles, an industrial
area dominated by warehouses and factories.

The freeway seen behind it is the Santa Monica (10) Freeway.
( In the screencap above, the camera is looking southwest. )

But the place has changed quite a bit.  The mural was never really part of the
station (it was copied for the movie from a shop in East L.A.)  And instead of
the sign reading "Gas & Market", it now reads "Diesel & Propane".

Here is a matching Google StreetView.

: We see Max stop and pick up
'Annie Farrell' (Jada Pinkett Smith),
the female prosecutor whom he later rescues.

This pick-up scene was shot outside the Airport Courthouse, at
11701 S. La Cienega Boulevard, just a little southeast of LAX,
at the interchange of the 405 and 105 freeways.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking west, as the taxi
pulls out the courthouse lot, onto La Cienega.

( The view looks somewhat different today, because they later
built a large apartment complex right next to the courthouse. )

In the screencap below, the camera is looking north/northwest
up La Cienega, towards the 105 Freeway overpass.

Here is a matching Google StreetView.

: After Max picks up Annie (and they talk in the cab)  he supposedly drops
her off at 312 Spring Street, in downtown Los Angeles. That is the actual
address of the old Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles, near City Hall.

(You can see the actual Federal Courthouse here.)

However, in the film, Max is actually seen dropping her off at the
corner of 5th Street & Grand Ave, in downtown L.A.
about 1/2 mile to the SW of the courthouse.

In the shot above, his taxi is headed west on 5th Street, just east of Grand Avenue.
(You can see part of the central Library on the left.)

Here is a matching Google StreetView of that corner.

That is the location of the Gas Company Tower, which,
at 52 stories, is the 4th tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles.

In the movie, the trip takes about seven minutes. In real life, the trip from the
Airport Courthouse to 5th & Grand is 15 miles, and would take 23 minutes in good traffic.

( Unless he followed her instructions to "take Sepulveda to Slauson to La Brea to 6th" -
rather than just take the freeways, which would actually stretch the distance to
19 miles, and might double the time to needed to drive there. )

0:13:50: And when we see 'Vincent' coming down the escalator in an office building
(as he passes Annie going up), that is precisely where he is: inside the
Gas Company Tower, at 555 W. 5th Street (at Grand), in downtown L.A.

(Remember this location, it shows up again later.)

0:13:55: That same corner (of 5th & Grand) is also
where Max first picks up Vincent, as a fare (seen below)

WarningThis movie was filmed throughout Greater L.A., including some high-crime areas.  If you visit, exercise reasonable caution.

"Collateral" Locations!

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