All of Me - Filming Locations

All of Me - filming locations

 The Southern California locations where the 1984
Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin comedy,
"All of Me"
, was filmed.

4:06:  Near the start of the movie, attorney 'Roger Cobb' (Steve Martin) stops his
car and listens to a blind man play the saxophone on a street corner.

It turns out the guy is his Roger's old friend, 'Tyrone' (Jason Bernard),
who tries to talk Roger into joining a jazz band full-time.

This scene was shot at the Los Angeles Music Center plaza, at 135 N Grand Ave,
in downtown Los Angeles. In the background, you can see the giant "Peace on Earth"
sculpture and fountains that stand in front of the center's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

But they didn't shoot from the Grand Avenue side. Instead, they shot this scene
on the west side of the center, at 180 N. Hope Street, near the flag poles.
 ( In the photo above, the camera is looking east/southeast. )

Here is a matching Bing StreetSide View of the plaza.


6:16:  We then see the Cutwater Estate - the home of 'Edwina Cutwater' (Lily Tomlin)
a wealthy woman who has been plagued throughout her life with ill health.

But 'Edwina' has a plan.  On her deathbed, she plans to use her 'spiritual advisor'
(a guru called '
Prahka Lasa') to move her soul into the young, healthy body
of 'Terry', the daughter of her stable keeper.

The "Cutwater Estate" is actually none other than Greystone Mansion,
at 905 Loma Vista Drive, in Beverly Hills.

A favorite of location managers, Greystone has appeared in dozens of
movies & TV shows, from "Star Trek 2" to "The Bodyguard".
On TV, it was Rory's school on "The Gilmore Girls".

The 1928 mansion was built by oil tycoon Edward Doheny,
and with 55 rooms, it was the largest home ever built in Beverly Hills.
It has hosted at least two Presidential visits (Barrack Obama & Billl Clinton).

And as an extra, its grounds are open free to the public - if you want to visit.

Here is a Google StreetView of the Greystone's gates.


19:17: 'Roger' (Steve) walks into the front doors of his place of work,
the "Schuyler & Mifflin, Law Offices", where he meets up with
Cutwate, who is having her final legal papers drawn up,
Prahka Lasa waits to catch her soul in a bowl when she passes.

23:58: As 'Roger' leaves the same building, he is struck by the falling bowl,
which was accidentally knocked out the window by Prahka Lasa during the
ritual that was supposed to move Edwina's soul from her dying body
to Terry's youthful body.

During that ritual, Edwina's soul was temporarily moved to the brass bowl,
and when it ends up striking 'Roger', he winds up sharing his body with
the spirit of Edwina Cutwater - much to the displeasure of both parties.

Roger can now only control the right side of his body, while Edwina can
only control the left side... which leads to struggle & confusion.

This is actually the former Bank of America building, at 650 S. Spring Street,
in downtown Los Angeles (now called SB Lofts).

That sidewalk and entrance you see above is on
the east side of Spring street, just north of 6th Street.

(They also filmed inside the building, for the law office scenes.)

This handsome old building has been used for a lot of filming over the years,
from "Teen Wolf" to "The Wedding Singer", including "The Prestige",
"Spider-Man 2", "The Mask", "Ghost" and "L.A. Story".

Here is a Google StreetView of that entrance.

And here is a view looking up at the outside windows
(which are seen in the film when bowl falls from the window).



40:13: Then there's a scene of Roger trying to drive his car, with Edwina still
controlling  half of his body - resulting in a jerky ride of stops & starts.

This was shot with the car heading south on the 100 block of Grand Avenue,
between 1st & 2nd Street (just south of 1st), in downtown Los Angeles.

The building to the left behind them is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the
Los Angeles Music Center
.  The empty lot to the left is where Walt Disney Hall is today.

(Downtown L.A. has changed so radically since 1984 that it's hard to recognize it.)

Here is a Google StreetView of the street.


40:45: During that jerky drive, when Roger pulls over to talk to his blind friend (Tyrone),
(and introduces him to Edwina) they're back at the Music Center again,
on Hope Street, on the plaza's west side.

That huge "Peace on Earth" statue can be seen in the background again,
and you can also glimpse the City Hall tower to the east.)

Here is a Bing StreetSide view of the same statue.


41:52: Next, Roger goes to Edwina's funeral, and once inside, he finds the large
church empty of mourners, except for the poor preacher.

This is actually the Wilshire United Methodist Church,
at 4350 Wilshire Blvd, in Los Angeles.

That's south of Hancock Park, at the southwest corner of Wilshire & Plymouth Blvds.

(The interior shots of the church were also at Wilshire United Methodist.)

Here is a Google StreetView of the church.


1:00:24: 'Prahka Lasa' & 'Terry' run out of a hotel and she puts him in a cab.

She is planning to abscond with Edwina's inheritance, and want to get the
guru out of town, so he can't fix the accidental body-switch.

This cab scene was shot at the old Ambassador Hotel,
which was at 3400 Wilshire Blvd, just west of downtown Los Angeles.

This was the hotel where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on the
night he won the California Presidential primary in 1968, and ha
s been the scene of countless movies.

Alas, the Ambassador Hotel was torn down, and a school was built on the land.
   (RFK Community Schools / Los Angeles High School for the Arts).

Here is a Google StreetView of the school now at that address.


Here is an old photo of that same Ambassador entrance:

1:01.00: Roger attends Edwina's burial, at a cemetery, where
he has hired a Dixieland jazz band to liven things up.

This small mausoleum appears to be at Hollywood Forever Cemetery,
at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood. the final resting place of
scores of Hollywood stars, from Rudolph Valentino to Don Adams.

It's located right next to (north of) Paramount Studios.

At the time, it was still known as Hollywood Memorial Cemetery.

Hollywood Forever has been the filming location for many movies
and TV shows, and as far as I know, it's the only L.A. cemetery
which features both old-style, standing monuments and a lake.

  Yes, I'm not 100% positive.  I'll have to go there one of these days
and try to track down that small mausoleum.

Here is a Google StreetView of the park gates.


1:10:46: We see Terry horseback riding, after she has double-crossed Edwina.

This is back at Greystone Mansion,
at 905 Loma Vista Drive
, in Beverly Hills

So is the subsequent party (where Steve, Tyrone and the Prahka Lasa
sneak in, dressed as musicians).  Plus the chased-by-police scene,
and the final 20 minutes of the movie, both inside & outside the mansion.

Here is a Google StreetView of the Greystone's gates.




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