Seeing Stars: Where the Movies Were Shot (on Location)

1994 (part 2)

  • In the 1994 high-action film "SPEED," Sandra Bullock drives a bus rigged with a bomb set to explode if the bus slows down below 50 mph on the crowded L.A. freeways. Those bus scenes were supposed to take place on the busy Santa Monica (10) Freeway. But in fact, most of those scenes were shot seven miles to the south, on the brand new Century (105) Freeway. The Century Freeway didn't open to regular traffic until 1994, so the producers had the empty freeway all to themselves when the film was shot in 1993. (The 105 was also used for the wrong-way chase scene in "Lethal Weapon 3"). [Buy the Movie.]

  • At the beginning of "SPEED," Keanu Reeves works against time and battles a maniac-bomber (Dennis Hopper) to free a group of civilians trapped in an elevator car inside a skyscraper - which Hopper has rigged to explode. That 55-story skyscraper is actually the Southern California Gas Center, located at the northeast corner of 5th Street and Grand Avenue in downtown L.A. (555 Grand Avenue).

  • Near the beginning of "SPEED," a Santa Monica bus explodes, killing the driver. That explosion scene took place at the corner of Main Street & Rose Avenue on the Santa Monica/Venice border. A bizarre local landmark at that same corner, the "Ballerina Clown," is also seen in the movie; it's above the North Beach Bar & Grill (at 255 Main Street).

  • In that same movie, "SPEED," the ransom money was dropped off in a trash can at the northeast corner of Pershing Square, a park located at 532 S. Olive Street (at 5th St.) in downtown L.A., across from the Biltmore Hotel. [Buy the Movie.]

  • In 1994's "THE LITTLE RASCALS," Alfalfa serenades Darla in a rowboat, crooning "You are so beautiful." Those rowboat scenes were filmed in the canals of Venice, CA. Chase scenes from 1995's "THE NET" (starring Sandra Bullock) were also shot alongside those same Venice canals. [Buy the Movie.]

  • If you've seen 1994's "BEVERLY HILLS COP III," you'll recognize the Beverly Hills Civic Center, the gorgeous mission-style complex which includes one of the best-looking police stations and city halls anywhere, located at 450 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills. (Remember the scene where Eddie Murphy drops by to visit Judge Reinhold?)

    The civic center was also featured in the 1993 movie version of "THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES" (in the scene where the Clampetts were arrested), and in 1994's "COLOR OF NIGHT" starring Bruce Willis.
    [Buy the Movie.]

  • The concluding scenes of the 1994 slapstick comedy "NAKED GUN 33 1/3: THE FINAL INSULT," have Leslie Nielsen foiling an assassination attempt during an Academy Awards ceremony. That Arabian-style building, used for the exterior shots of the stars arriving at the ceremony, was actually the Shrine Auditorium (665 Jefferson Blvd) in Los Angeles, where many actual Oscar ceremonies have been held over the years.

    But for another fictional assassination attempt at the Oscars, the Shrine lost out to its rival in real life for that award show, the Pantages Theatre, at 6233 Hollywood Blvd. That was where they shot the final scenes of 1993's "THE BODYGUARD," where Whitney Houston was saved by Kevin Costner from assassination at the Oscar show.  [Buy the Movie.]

  • The 1994 Steven Seagal action adventure "ON DEADLY GROUND" was set in the wilds of Alaska. But in the film's fiery climax, when Seagal's character infiltrated the Aegis Oil refinery and blew it up, those refinery scenes were actually shot close to home, at the vacant Fletcher Oil Refinery in Carson, CA., located at 24721 Main Street (between Sepulveda & Lomita Boulevards).

  • Scenes from the 1998 Bruce Willis sci-fi/action pic, "ARMAGEDDON" were also shot at the same refinery, as was the upcoming "METAL GODS." [Buy the Movie.]

  • In the 1994 family comedy "MONKEY TROUBLE," a little girl adopts a playful capuchin monkey which she finds in a public park - only to discover later that the monkey is a trained pickpocket. The park used for filming many of the scenes from "Monkey Trouble" was Roxbury Memorial Park, 471 S. Roxbury Drive (at the corner of Olympic Boulevard), in Beverly Hills. (This may be the only local park with two large, manicured greens reserved strictly for lawn bowling and croquet.) [Buy the Movie.]

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