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113 N. Robertson Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA. / (310) 274-8303

The Ivy is one of L.A.'s leading celebrity hangouts, attracting a virtual Who's Who of Hollywood stars and moguls. Since it is an open, patio restaurant, there are often papparazzi camped out across the street, hoping for photos of arriving celebs.

In September of 2003, after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had postponed their wedding, they showed up at The Ivy together, and the papparazzi got plenty of photos. Some reporters interpreted this appearance as a deliberate move by the couple to put to rest rumors that they had broken up.

The Ivy even starred in a scene in the 1995 movie "Get Shorty," in which
Danny DeVito takes a meeting with John Travolta at the Ivy, orders an enormous amount of food, and then leaves before it arrives.

And if you take a close look at the 1992 hit "The Bodyguard", you'll note there is a scene where Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston are coming out of a Beverly Hills restaurant, when they are stopped by a little girl and her mother asking for an autograph. Kevin, the bodyguard, tries to prevent this, but Whitney signs the autograph and poses for a photo before getting into a white stretch limo. The patio restaurant in that scene was, of course, the Ivy.

.A casual look around on a typical day might be rewarded with sightings of Demi Moore (it's her favorite restaurant), Kiefer Sutherland, Anjelica Huston, Tori Spelling, Kevin Sorbo, Rachel Hunter or Tim Burton doing lunch.


Other recent sightings include Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Lisa Kudrow, Tom Cruise, Conan O'Brien, Penelope Cruz, Madonna, Melanie Griffith and Jack Nicholson, as well as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Beyonce and Mandy Moore.

The Ivy may well be the only restaurant in Los Angeles surrounded by a white picket fence. here's an enticing patio outside, framed by (what else?) ivy. Inside the country cottage, its busy dining rooms are filled with rustic antiques, lots of flowers, and folksy touches. The menu is American, but with a strong emphasis on Louisiana/Cajun specialties and good desserts (the restaurant began life as "L.A. Desserts" catering). Expect a lot of schmoozing and table hopping during from the players during lunch.

Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond") likes to have dinner at the Ivy on Saturdays. Faye Dunnaway celebrated her 53rd birthday here. Peri Gilpin ('Roz' on "Fraiser") likes their corn chowder. Joan Rivers calls it "French food without the attitude," and says "you always see a star here."

On Easter of 2001, Jennifer Lopez and friends, plus Jacqueline Smith were spotted by a reader.

In late 1998, the trio of Steve Martin, Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter were spotted at the same table at the Ivy. Olympic gymnist Kerri Strug also likes the restaurant. So does Lakers boss Jerry West. Lyle Lovett prefers the inside to the patio. NewsRadio's 'Matthew', Andy Dick, says that a couple of times he ordered a glass of port for $60. Michael Jackson was spotted dining here a few years back.

And it's been around for a while. Ashley Judd used to work here... And comedian Louis Anderson tells of how he got his big break back in the 80's, after picking up the $600 lunch check for Eddie Murphy and his entourage at the Ivy.

But despite its French rustic charm, this is a restaurant that caters to the stars, and prices are very high. Even so, the restaurant once received a scathing review in the L.A. Times, which reported that the food there was awful and the service lax. Apparently, the food is not what The Ivy is all about. It's about seeing and being seen. (Sit outside on the terrace in the summer, or near the fireplace in the front dining room in the winter; just don't get put back in the second room.)

The Ivy is open daily for lunch, from 11:30 to 3:30 PM, and for dinner, from 6 PM to 11 PM. It's semi-dressy, and naturally, there's (virtually mandatory) valet parking. Reservations are essential.

(There is also a branch of The Ivy near the Santa Monica Pier. It's called Ivy At The Shore, and can be found at 1541 Ocean Ave, in Santa Monica. Phone: (310) 393-3113. The same fan who spotted Jennifer Lopez at the Ivy on Robertson has also seen
Sean Penn, Peter Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Maria Schriver, Danny DeVito and Laura Dern at Ivy At The Shore over the years.)

Getting there: The Ivy is located just a few blocks from the Beverly Center mall and the "Blue Whale," in the center of the interior design district. / From Rodeo Drive, take Wilshire Boulevard east about a half mile to Robertson Blvd. Turn left (north) on Robertson and go about half a mile north (to between Third Street & Beverly Boulevard). The restaurant will be on your left (west) side.

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