Dexter Filming Locations: The Swap Meet


The location: The Swap Meet.

Q. What is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. A swap meet (or flea market).

Q. Where is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. In a parking lot somewhere in Miami.

Q. When did we see it on the show?

    A. In Episode 3 (of Season 1), "Popping Cherry".

    It's where Dexter stalks a teenage killer (named Jeremy) and sees him buy a hunting knife.

    The teen had previously murdered a boy, but had gotten off with a light sentence due to his age. But Dexter recognized the stylized work of a serial killer in the making, and he's at the swap meet to watch Jeremy and confirm his suspicions before taking him down.

    And sure enough, no sooner is he released from jail than Jeremy goes to this swap meet and buys a sharp knife meant for butchering hunting prey in the field.

    While Jeremy is practicing slashing moves with the new knife, Dexter steps up and grabs his wrist, prompting the knife vendor to caution the teen to be careful...

    (Jeremy resurfaces in Episode 8, "Shrink Wrap", when we see Dexter stalking him at Flamingo Park.

Q. What is it actually in real life?

    A. A parking lot.

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

    A. The swap meet was set up in the parking lot of the "Guadalupe Dollar Store", at 1891 NW 17th Avenue, in the Allapattah section of Miami, a low income neighborhood about two and a half miles inland from the coast.

    The parking lot is at the northwest corner of NW 18th Street & NW 17th Avenue.

    (This same Allapattah neighborhood was used as the Red Light District in the same episode.)

[ WarningFrom the what little I can gather from the Internet, it appears that this
may be a high-crime area. So if you opt to visit, exercise reasonable caution.

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?

    A. Fortunately, the sign reading "Guadalupe Dollar Store" was plainly visible in the background of the swap meet scene. So all I had to do was check Live Local's aerial photos to confirm that it was the same place.

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