Dexter Filming Locations: Dexter & Rita's Wedding


The location: Rita's Hotel.

    This establishing shot of the exterior of the fictional "Z Hotel", where Rita worked, appeared in Episode 4 (of Season 3), "All in the Family".

    Rita was fired from her job at the hotel in that episode, and as a result was introduced (by Miguel Prado's wife) to a new career in real estate.

    In real life, the building shown is a condo called "Ocean Place", at 226 Ocean Drive, in Miami Beach, FL.

    The photo (looking west/northwest) shows the southeast side of the condo, which faces Ocean Beach Park and the beach, between 2nd & 3rd Streets.

    Only the exterior of the condo was used for this one brief intro shot; I'm not sure where the interiors of that scene were filmed - they may have simply been shot at the studio.

      Here is an aerial photo of the condo. And here is a map link.

    ( Thanks to Richard Gaunt for sending me this one! )

    This is not the same location that they used for the hotel in the first season - which I'm still looking for.

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