True Blood Filming Locations

Southern California Locations - Louisiana Locations - Clickable Map of All Locations

.(The Vampire Bar).

The Junkyard Trial
.(Bill on trial / Jessica bitten).

The Bon Temps Cottages
.(Homes of Dawn, Rene & Arlene, Hoyt & his mama).

Godric's Rooftop
.(Where Godric commits suicide by sunlight).

Big Patty's Pie House
.(Tracking the serial killer).

The Hotel Carmella
.(The Vampire Hotel).

The Bon Temps Police Station
.(& Town Hall).

The Fellowship of the Sun Church
.(home to the extremist anti-vampire cult).

The Light of Day Camp
.(where Jason trains to fight vampires).


Jessica's Family Home
.(where Jessica returns, and tries to kill her father).

Maryann's Mansion
.(her first place, before Sookie's).

Crawdad's Restaurant
.(Sookie & Sam's first date).

"Descendants of the Glorious Dead"
.(Civil War meeting in the town Church).

Miss Jeanette's Day Job
.(DeSoto Pharmacy).

The Tire Shop
.(Where Sam tracks down his long-lost brother).

The Jackson Hotel
.(Where Sookie stays while searching for Bill).

The Monroe Aquarium
.(Where Sookie meets with Hadley).

Queen Sophie-Anne's Mansion
.(The Vampire Queen of Louisiana).

Sookie's House
.(in Bon Temps).

Merlotte's Bar & Grill
(The center of action in Bon Temps)

Hoyt & Jessica's New House
Hoyt & Jessica's New House
.(with the sinister doll on the floor...).

The Moongoddess Emporium
The Moongoddess Emporium
.(meeting place for the witches coven).
The Fairy Battle
The Fairy Battle
.(in the realm of the Fairies).

The Punk Club
.(in 1982 London, where Nan recruits Bill).

The Bellefleur Mansion
.(The home of Andy & Portia's grandmother).
Marcus's Garage
.(where Marcus's pack beats up Bobby).

The Punk Club
The Festival of Tolerance
.(where the crowd is attached by vampires).

The Vampire Authority's HQ
.(Where Bill & Eric are imprisoned).

The Governors Mansion
The Governor's Mansion
.(where Eric infiltrates Governor Burrell's house).

New!  Russian Roulette
.(Pam plays the deadly game in Morocco)

New!  The Warehouse
.(Where Bill & Andy find a vampire nest).

New!  Sawmill Road Baptist Church
.(Where town takes refuge from rampaging vamps)

New!  Saint Alice
.(Town destroyed by maurading Hep-V vamps).

New!  Rosie & Kevin's House
(Where Sam & Jason break the bad news)

New!  Civil War Flashback
(Bill gets thrown out of a saloon)


New!  Amber Mills' House
(Sarah Newlin's vampire sister)

New!  The Bush Library Gala
(Eric, Pam & the Yakusa chase Sarah Newlin)

New!  The Yakonomo Building
(Where Eric & Pam are held prisoner)

New!  The Comptons' Stables
(Where Bill learns he must marry Caroline)

New!  The Shelby Estate
(where Bill first meets his future wife, Caroline)

New!  The Ranch
(the center of True Blood production)

New!  The Carousel
(where Pam finds Sarah Newlin)

    True Blood Filming Locations

Southern California Locations - Louisiana Locations - Clickable Map of All Locations

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