How to get free tickets to see live tapings
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Free Tickets To See Stars
Taping Live TV Shows

Perhaps the easiest way to see a star live in Hollywood is to simply attend the taping of a live television show. Most days, there are numerous TV sitcoms being taped at the local studios. And you can be part of the live studio audience.

Going to a live taping of a TV show can be a fun experience. Not only do you get the chance to see your favorite stars in person (and the opportunity to watch the episode weeks before the rest of the world gets a chance to see it), but you also get to witness what happens "off stage." You can watch the actors when they're relaxing between takes; you get to see all the "bloopers," mistakes, and re-takes that they cut out of the show when it actually airs on TV, and you can watch what goes on around the set: the lighting technicians, cameramen, directors, audio techs, make-up people, and over a hundred other staffers who come together to make these half-hour shows happen.

Sometimes there are a few unexpected bonuses, too. Members of the studio audience at tapings of "Seinfeld" were given free Snickers candy bars; the audiences for "Roseanne" were invited to sing and dance in informal pre-show talent contests.

And in a way, you become a part of that episode forever. Your laughter, your applause will be captured on tape, and listened to by millions of viewers for decades to come... (On some shows, like "The Price Is Right" or the former "Home Improvement", the studio audience even gets shown on the air.)

You'll also be allowed inside historic studios which don't offer public tours, such as Walt Disney Studios in Burbank or the Fox studios in Century City.

You don't need to "know someone" to get inside these Hollywood studios and attend these TV tapings. All you have to do is make a simple phone call, then go pick up your tickets. And best of all, the tickets are absolutely free!

Here is a guide to exactly what tickets are available to which shows, and how to get them:

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