Where the Stars Work. How to find all of the legendary Hollywood studios... and the smaller studios, as well.

Hollywood stars have one thing in common: they have all passed through the gates of the fabled Hollywood studios.

These are the star factories. It is here that the stars work, producing celluloid fantasies behind the towering walls that surround these centers of Tinseltown imagination.

Today, young stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Alicia Silverstone drive through the same gates that welcomed Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable and James Dean before them.

There are more than a dozen motion picture studios in Los Angeles, ranging from the well-known (Disney, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, Columbia, MGM), to the obscure (Ren-Mar, Raleigh, Sunset-Gower).

Some studios offer guided tours to the public. All of them offer a particular slice of the illustrious history of the silver screen.

Here is a guide to the motion picture studios of Hollywood (you will find Hollywood's TV studios listed in a separate section), including addresses, photos, descriptions, names of the stars who have worked there, and titles of the key movies each studio has produced, as well as interactive maps to help you find them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hollywood and Celebrities in Southern California.

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