John Wayne’s

(A list of L.A. locations related to John's life & death.)

 Where the Duke Lived:

 Where He Went to School:

 L.A. Places Where He Hung Out:

 Special Events Where He Appeared:

 Studios Where The Duke Made Movies:

Warner Bros Studios
('Hondo', 'The Searchers', 'Rio Bravo', 'McQ')

The Warner Bros. VIP Tour

Republic Studios (now CBS Studio Center)
 ('Angel & the Badman', 'Rio Grande', 'The Quiet Man')

20th Century Fox Studios ('The Big Trail')

Paramount Studios
 ('Reap the Wild Wind', 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance', 'True Grit')

Universal Studios
('The War Wagon', 'Hellfighters')

('Brown of Harvard' - his first picture, 'How the West Was Won')

Melody Ranch
('Stagecoach', and 35 other films)

The Paramount Ranch

 Where John Wayne Died:

 Where the Duke was Buried:

 Where John Wayne Has Been Immortalized:

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