John Lennon's Hollywood

John Lennonís

(A list of L.A. locations related to John and the Beatles.)

 The Hotels Where John & Yoko Stayed While in L.A.:

     The 'Elvis' Hotel Where John Stayed in L.A. without Yoko:

     The Sidewalk with John Lennon's star:

     The Location of John's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

     Sunset Strip Clubs Where John Hung Out (and got in trouble):

     A Restaurant Where You Can See Sketches by John & Yoko:

     Where You Can See John's round spectacles, and the drum Ringo
          played right before he joined The Beatles:

     The House the Beatles Stayed in When They Were in L.A.:

     The Address Where the Beatles Met Elvis:

     The Location of the Beatles' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

     Where the Beatles are Immortalized in Wax:

     Where You Can See the Beatles' First Appearance on TV:

     The Club Where the Beatles Hung Out with Jane Mansfield:

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