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"Family Feud" has been around for decades in one incarnation or another. It started out in 1977 with host Richard Dawson, and then came back in 1988 with host Ray Combs. Another version of the Feud was hosted by comedian Louie Anderson, until 2002, when they dropped Louis and replaced him with Richard Karn (best known as Tim Allen's co-host 'Al' on the popular TV sitcom "Home Improvement").

In 2006, Tribune Entertainment announced that there would be a new host of the Feud. They are replacing Karn with actor John O'Hurley, from ABC's reality show "Dancing With the Stars" (and before that, as Elaine's boss on "Seinfeld"), beginning in the Fall of 2006.  In 2009, Steve Harvey took over the reigns of the show.

As usual, the Feud gives its witty host plenty of opportunity to interact and joke with the various contestants while he asks the questions.

And you can be a contestant.

The catch here is that you can't appear on this game by yourself. You have to convince four other family members to participate.

Two families of five go head-to-head, trying to guess how a studio audience answered questions such as "How old is a boy when his voice changes?" or "Name a celebrity named Jerry." Wait too long while trying to come up with an answer, and the buzzer sounds. The answers are ranked for points based on the number of studio audience members who also gave that same reply to the question.

Naturally, contestants can't repeat the same answer. So the game is fairly easy at first, while trying to guess the obvious top answers, but it can be tough trying to come up with a fourth or fifth answer a question like "Name a tiny breed of dog."

The family that accumulates the most points goes to a final "Fast Money" round to play against the clock for a grand prize of $20,000. In a day when Regis is giving away over $1 million, that's not much - especially considering you have to split it five ways. But you don't have to be a trivia genius for this show. So if you and your family just want to appear on television and get your 15 minutes worth of fame (or 30 minutes, in this case), this may be your chance. And what the heck, you can always put in a swimming pool or pay off the debts with that ten grand.

To become a contestant on the show, just phone (323-762-8467) and leave your name, address and phone number. They'll contact you and schedule an interview.

Or you can submit a video of your family, either via YouTube or on a DVD.  Here are their details on how to go about that:

The show airs here in L.A. at 9 a.m weekdays. on KCBS, Channel 2 (and again on KCAL 9 at 6 p.m.).

If you just want tickets to watch the show as part of the studio audience, you can email your request for tickets to Or phone them at (818) 295-2700. Or write to them at On Camera Audiences, 224 East Olive Ave., #205, Burbank, CA. 91502. If you write, let them know what dates you'll be in L.A., and include your daytime phone number.

The show was taped at Tribune Studios, 5842 Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood.

But in 2011, they moved the show to Atlanta, with the show being taped at the Atlanta Civic Center,
395 Piedmont Ave NE, in Atlanta, GA.  Here is their 2011 page about Atlanta auditions.

(See tips for game show contestants.)

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