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As webmaster of, I'm regularly asked how to break into showbiz and get a career as an actor.
Unfortunately, I don't know. But it isn't easy. Over 90% of those who try fail. Frankly, I don't recommend trying.
But if you're still determined, all I can suggest is that you try to learn as much about the business as possible before you even think about jumping into it.

Obviously, one of the best ways to learn about any subject is to read a book written by someone who has already been that route. Learn from their experience so you won't repeat their mistakes. Here are some of the more popular books available on the subject of breaking into the Biz. (If possible, read these books for free in a public library. If not, you can get them online now by clicking on the titles below.)

Your Film Acting Career :
How to Break into the Movies & TV
& Survive in Hollywood.

How To Be A Working Actor:
The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs
in Theater, Film & Television

The Film Actor's Complete
Career Guide :
A Complete, Step-By-Step
Checklist of All the Things
Actors Seeking Film Careers
Can and Should Do & When.

Getting the Part :
33 Professional Casting Directors
Tell You How to Get Work in
Theater, Films, Commercials & TV.

The Los Angeles Agent Book:
Get the Agent You Need
for the Career You Want.

How to Audition :
For TV, Movies, Commercials,
Plays, and Musicals

The Actor's Encyclopedia
of Casting Directors:
Conversations with Over 100
Casting Directors on
How to Get the Job

Hollywood U.S.A. :
How to Get into the Movie Business
Without Moving to Los Angeles
or New York

How to Sell Yourself
As an Actor :
written by a working actor about
the ins and outs of the business.

Your Kid Ought
to Be in Pictures:
A How-To Guide for
Would-Be Child Actors
and Their Parents

Acting A to Z :
The Young Person's Guide
to a Stage or Screen Career

Breaking into Commercials :
The Complete Guide to Marketing
Yourself, Auditioning to Win,
and Getting the Job

If you're looking for books about how to sell your screenplay, click here.