Transformers - Filming Locations (2007) - Part 3

Part Three

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  • This scene, in which the Transformer "Bumblebee" protects Sam and Mikaela near a bridge, was filmed in the dry bed of the Los Angeles River, below the Cesar Chavez Avenue bridge. (In the photo above, the camera is looking northeast.)

    One Autobot hides beneath the bridge (while helicopters search for them), while Sam's "car" races along the side of the river bed. When the hiding robot drops the kids, Bumblebee catches them, but is then captured by the military.

    The bridge is on the northeast side of downtown Los Angeles, just east of Union Station. The address would be approximately 875 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue. *


Sam & Mikaela are then taken into custody and brought to a secret government lab
beneath a
dam, where they have hidden a frozen Transformer (which later escapes).

Now, given all the L.A. locations, you might think that this dam was a local one, perhaps
the Hansen Dam (that was seen in "Charlie's Angels 2"). But it's not.

This is the Hoover Dam, on Lake Mead, about 25 miles southeast outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • When the evil Transformer ("Megatron") escapes from the dam, a Transformer chase / battle ensues between the evil Decepticons and the good Autobots.

    Part of that chase takes place on a freeway, as the robots "roller skate" down the freeway and rip a bus in two (resulting in a fiery explosion).

    These freeway fight scenes were shot mainly in San Bernardino County, on an empty stretch of the Foothill (210) Freeway, which was still under construction when the movie was made. These scenes were shot at the east end of the freeway, in Rialto & Fontana, between Sierra Avenue (on the west) and Linden Avenue (on the east).

    (That's about 50 miles east/northeast of downtown L.A.)


  • But when we see the freeway interchange below, suddenly we're not in San Bernardino County any more.

    Instead, they jumped 60 miles away, to the interchange of the Harbor (110) Freeway & the Century (105) Freeway, in the Athens / Willowbrook area of south L.A.

    (In the photo above, the camera is looking north, up the Harbor Freeway.)


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