This is US - filming locations

The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.

Kevin's Off-Broadway Theatre

When I first sat down to create this page, I was under the impression that there was
 only one theatre that I needed to track down: the one where Kevin performed on stage
in front of his family. But as I did a bit more research, I remembered that  there had
actually been two different theatres. They canceled his play's original run, and when
he agreed to self-finance a new run, they switched venues to a new theatre.

So, there are actually two "Kevin's off-Broadway Theatres".

One is fake.  One is real.  Neither one is in New York.

The first one, which you see above, has a sign above
the door reading "Manhattan Theatre Exchange".

It will probably surprise no one to learn that there is no actual "Manhattan Theatre Exchange" in New York City, nor was this scene shot in the Big Apple.

But it might surprise you find out that isn't even a real building.

Most of the filming locations for "This Is Us" have been real-world places, but every
 now & then, especially when it comes to their New York locations, they have
 opted instead to simply shoot on a studio back lot.

I recognized this location from several visits I have made to the back lot of
Paramount Studios, which offers a public studio tour. They have a large and
rather authentic-looking New York set at Paramount, and this is one of the
many false fronts you will find on that NY set.

The New York set is divided into neighborhood sets, such as Greenwich Village
and the Financial District. This particular front is part of the Brooklyn set at
Paramount. They added the signs in the windows, but that's about it.

Here is a photo of that Brooklyn street, with this doorway circled in red:

You'll find Paramount Studios at 5555 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood.

And you can tour their back lot and see this set for yourself, along with a lot
of other interesting locations, and learn quite a bit about the studio's history

So, let's move on to the real theatre, Kevin's second off-Broadway theatre:

This is where he finally takes the stage in the play,
after agreeing to bankroll the play himself.

It's here that he abruptly leaves the theatre on opening night, leaving poor Sloane alone on the stage to fend for herself.  It's also here that he finally takes the stage, with his entire family in the audience, and turns in a successful performance.

In real life, this is the Los Angeles Theatre Center, located inside a former Security bank building, at 514 S. Spring Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

To be more specific, this is "Theatre 1" , the largest of the center's five theatres.
Also known as the Tom Bradley theatre, it has 496 seats.

Here is a Google StreetView of the theatre:

Spring Street's old financial section is often use by Hollywood when
they want to fake a New York street scene. It has that Manhattan look.

After Kevin's performance, we see Randall and his wife walking away
from the theatre where Kevin opened his play.

This shot (below), with them crossing the street, was filmed at the
corner of Spring Street & 5th Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

They are walking south, on the east side of Spring Street,
from the northeast corner of that intersection, crossing 5th Street.

That's just north of Kevin's theatre.  (But truth be told, they are actually
walking back towards the theatre, rather than away from it...)

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the same corner.

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    The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.

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