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Teen Wolf Filming Locations

     The actual locations where the TV show Teen Wolf is filmed

The Halloween Street

Episode 16 (of season 3) opens on Halloween night, with two kids maliciously stomping
on a  Halloween pumpkin (jack-o'-lantern) on the front porch of a house:

These Halloween scenes were shot on the

9300 block of Petit Avenue,
in the West Hills section of Los Angeles

just north of Ruffner Avenue, in the San Fernando Valley.

To be more specific, this first shot of the kids smashing the first pumpkin,
was filmed showing what is actually the (west) side door of a house, not
its front porch. That first house is located at

9309 Ruffner Ave.

at the southeast corner of Petit Ave & Ruffner.

But while the actual front of the house faces Ruffner, this west side door
(where they filmed the scene) faces Petit Ave.

Next, the kids then run across the street, where they smash
another pumpkin in front of a different house:

In this shot, the kids actually run north up (the east side of) Petit Avenue,
then cut across the street to the west side of Petit Ave.

 The scene of them stomping a second pumpkin was shot in front of a house at

9343 Petit Ave.

It's just the second house north of Ruffner, on the east side of Petit.

Then the kids look up and see what appears to five shadowed men (or creatures)
gliding towards them through the mist, wearing identical (bizarre) black costumes
and grotesque black masks, with yellow-green eyes.

The scene then cuts to the Allison & her father opening a bedroom door to
find Isaac on the floor, having some sort of seizure/nightmare/vision.

When they wake him up, he mentions that the creatures' eyes were "like fireflies".

[ Warning: These are private homes.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their doors, or do anything that might disturb the residents.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the street:

Here is an aerial photo.  And here is a map link.

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