(Part 4)

The Actual Southern California Locations
where 2003's "S.W.A.T." was filmed.

Later, after 'Montel' promises a $100 million reward to anyone who can break him out of jail,
the SWAT team tries to move him out of the city via a police convoy, which weaves its way
way through the streets of downtown L.A. A confederation of criminals, hoping to free him
(and collect the big reward), attack the convoy. This attack scene was filmed near
the corner of 6th Street & Main Street (in Skid Row), near Coles P.E. Buffet.
Coles P.E. Buffet is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles, and is located a
at 118 E. Sixth St., in downtown L.A.  *

The convoy was a decoy. The villain was really being moved in a nondescript
police vehicle. But rogue cops inside the vehicle, greedy for the reward,
overpower their fellow police and set the bad guy free. This scene was
shot at the corner of 7th & Hope, in downtown L.A.


The bad guys run into the Metro Red Line subway station below Pershing Square, and
the cops try to head them off at subway stations farther down the line. But it appears that
most of the interior scenes were actually shot at the 7th & Figueroa Metro station,
instead of at Pershing Square.   One exterior shot (seen above)
was shot at the Metro station at Wilshire and Western.

Trying to escape, the bad guys land a Lear Jet plane on the 6th Street bridge,
which spans the Los Angeles River and many railroad tracks below.
The bridge is located on the east side of downtown Los Angeles,
just east of the intersection of E. 6th Street and Sante Fe Ave.

They didn't really land the Lear Jet on the bridge, of course. The landing was CGI.
But they did use a real Lear Jet on the ground (on the bridge), modified with a
V8 engine so they could drive it on the bridge.

The railroad tracks and the dry L.A. riverbed below the 6th Street Bridge
is where the final fight scene takes place.  *

*Asterisk (*) designates what could be a high-crime area. Exercise reasonable caution.


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