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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

  The Southern California locations where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is filmed.

In Episode 10 ("The Bridge"), Coulson and Ward go to the fictional University of Ohio.

They have identified one Brian Hayward as a Centipede soldier, and are trying to find him.

So in this scene, Coulson (standing near his red sports car, 'Lola') watches while
Ward approaches Hayward's sister, Laura, on the campus.

Ward pretends to be from the Ohio lottery, and tells her that he is trying to locate her brother
because Brian has won a $50,000 jackpot.  Laura is clearly skeptical, and as soon
as Ward is gone, she phones her brother and warns him about the incident.

But that, it turns out, is what Coulson was counting on.  He is monitoring her calls,
and quickly determines that her brother is in Oakland, California.

Despite the fake "University of Ohio" signs, this scene was actually shot on the campus of
Occidental College, at
1600 Campus Road, in Los Angeles

(The college is located in the northeast part of the city, between Glendale & Pasadena.)

The stairs/steps you see below are between Johnson Hall and Fowler Hall.


Meanwhile, Coulson's car is parked right out front of Swan Hall.

An earlier scene (below) of Mike Anderson pushing a bulldozer at what is supposed
to be as S.H.I.E.L.D. training facility, was also shot on the Occidental College campus.

 This time, they used the college's (lower) soccer field, and CGI'd in a fake background for the wide shots.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

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