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  The Southern California locations where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is filmed.

Episode 9, of Season 2 ("...Ye Who Enter Here")

We see
an aerial view of what we are told is San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Coulson and Bobbi Morse arrive at a plaza, with a tall statue atop a column,
where Coulson tries on some hats, and talks about protecting
the common people there from Hydra.

They eventually make their way to the "Fort of San Cristobal".

She says that the hidden garrison (called "The Devil's Sentry") they're searching for is
located under a sentry tower jetting out into the sea, and that it's supposed to be haunted.

Inside the sentry tower, they find a deep shaft.  When Mack repels down into the shaft,
and touches one of the alien symbols, he is changed into a hostile, red-eyed menace who
attacks the team.  They eventually neutralize him, and he plummets down the shaft.

Most of the time, when this show tells us that the location is out of the country, they're fibbing.
Most of those kind of scenes are actually shot here in L.A.

But this time, the location is exactly where they said it was: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The plaza we see early on is Colon Plaza, and the statue atop the column
is of none other than Christopher Columbus:

And that is indeed the Fort San Cristobal, which is part of the San Juan National Historic Site.

Finished in 1783, it is the largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World,
covering 27 acres of land, its walls wrapping around the city of Old San Juan.

The sentry box they show us is indeed called "La Garita del Diablo" (The Devil's Sentry"),
built in 1634, and it appears there are actually old legends about soldiers disappearing there.


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