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  The Southern California locations where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is filmed.

Episode 7, of Season 2 ("The Writing on the Wall")

Coulson learns that there are others who share his obsession about carving alien writing
on the walls.  And one of them is killing off all of the others.

Only two are left: Hank Thompson and Sebastian Derrick, both former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
who had their memories erased in an attempt to help them forget the Tahiti program.

So, Coulson goes to the house of Hank Thompson.  It's in a wooded area, and there's
a sign out front reading "Thompson Welding & Electric".

Thompson is home with his wife and family, and when Coulson comes knocking at his
door, ranting about alien symbols and brandishing a gun, Thompson thinks he's crazy.

He tells Coulson "I've told you both, you've got the wrong guy," at which
point, Coulson realizes that someone got there before he did.

But it's too late. Sebastian Derrick comes up from behind and knocks Coulson out.

When Coulson wakes up, Derrick has tied up both he and Hank Thompson.

Derrick is the killer, and he has been carving up the victims because he believes that
pain will cause them to remember the alien secret they have forgotten.

He begins slicing up Coulson, but Thompson manages to escape his bonds,
frees Coulson, and Coulson eventually gets the best of Derrick.

He forces him to look down at a model railroad that Thompson had built in his barn.

It turns out that, when seen from above, it is actually a 3-D model of the same
alien symbols that have so obsessed the men.  It is, in fact, the blueprint of a city.

  Like a number of scenes before it, this scene was shot at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch,
at 19802 Placerita Canyon Road, in Newhall, CA

The Disney Company has operated this movie ranch for ages, and since Disney makes
the show, owns the ABC network that broadcasts it, and even owns Marvel Studios,
this ranch is a logical choice for shooting scenes for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Back in the days of the original Mickey Mouse Club (in the late 1950's), they
shot "Spin & Marty" and "Zorro" here, and have since filmed everything from
"Old Yeller" to "Pirates of the Caribbean" at the ranch.

They've shot several other S.H.I.E.L.D. scenes, previously, at the ranch, mostly when
they need to simulate a forest, farm or other rural environment - including scenes set
in Wrigley, Pennsylvania, Batesville, Utah, Wyoming, Canada and Colorado.

Here is a photo of the main ranch house:

Here is a Google StreetView of the main gates to Golden Oak Ranch.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

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